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Esso Brussels (2) - (1967-1973)
Additional information "Esso Brussels (2)"

26467 built 1959 Kockums Mekaniska Verkstads A.B., Malmö (442) Keel 27.4.1959  Launched 26.10.1959
Tanker 16/19.2.1960 Baltic Sea D 22.2.1960
First arrival at Antwerp 25.2.1960 MT 28.2.1960 to Ras Tanura.                              
16422 nrt  43964 dwt
213,21 (202,83) x 29,65 x 11,586 x 15,02m
2 S Turb. dr geared to sc. shaft 12309 kW (16500 shp) DeLaval by builders 17 kn (17 1/4 during trials)                              
33 tanks  4 pumps 1250 t/h
crew: 52 accomodations
Esso Marine (Belgium) SA, Antwerp, Belgium
1.10.1963 collision o/v Antwerp-Mena al Ahmadi, 2 days after passing Gibraltar.
3.1.1964 arrived at Antwerp in tow, after collision on 31.12.1963; repairs till 16.1.1964
28.11.1968 arrived at Antwerp for repairs till 6.12
2.6.1973 at 00.42 collision with American C.V. SEA WITCH (17902/68, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines Inc) while at anchor off Stapleton, New York harbour, o/v Bonny (Nigeria)-New York (Bayway refinery). Both vessels quickly became engulfed in fire and thick black smoke. Carried by the ebb tide the vessels, now locked together, drifted beneath the Verazzano Bridge until they grounded in Gravesend Bay.
ESSO BRUSSELS CTL - 13 crew lost.
C.V. SEA WITCH was outward bound from New York , having departed Howland Hook container terminal at about 23.29, for Norfolk and N. Europe
Three members of her crew were lost.
Cause of the casualty was a small, seemingly insignificant mechanical failure aboard the US vessel (dislocation of a 3/16" x 1" key from a keyway in the control linkage of the steering gear differential controller). Investigators found that this key had moved forward from its slot and dropped into the jaws of a universal joint.                              
Towed to Piraeus for repairs.                              
1973-1974 PETROLA XVII, Iphigenia Shipping & Trading C°, (John D. Latsis, mgr), Piraeus, Greeche
1974-1975 SPIRO, Iphigenia Shipping & Trading C°, (John D. Latsis, mgr), Piraeus, Greeche
1975-1976 PETROLA XXXVI, John D. Latsis, Piraeus, Greeche
1976-1983 PETROLA 36, Iphigenia Shipping & Trading C°, (John D. Latsis, mgr), Piraeus, Greeche
1983-1985 PETROLA 36, Iphigenia Shipping & Trading C°, (Bilinder Marine Corp., mgrs), Piraeus, Greeche
21.10.1985 arrived at Aliaga from Piraeus (left on 19/10) in tow of Greek tug MEGAS ALEXANDROS (608/1974) for demolosion by Leyal Gemi Socum Ticaret A/S.