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Construction of this site
This web-site, after reconstruction  ( 02 March, 2003 ), has been optimized and is now using an  ADD-Free server to get more space.
The following sections are in use:

1 St.  - Esso Tankvaart Mij Main-web-site .
2 Nd. - Esso Tankers of Belgium.
3 Rd. - The Esso International site 1890 - 2000.
4 Th. - The Other Esso related companies site - ( Imperial / Lago / Creole / Stanvac and others ).
5 Th. - Esso Tankers of the UK before and after 1951.
6 Th. - Esso Tankers of France.
7 Th. - Esso Tankers of Germany.
8 Th. - Esso International Shipping ( Bahamas ) Co., Ltd.
9 Th. - Nederlandsche Koloniale Petroleum Mij., NV.
10 Th. N.V. Scheepvaart & Steenkolen Mij., from 1896 till 1906.
11 Th. Exxon Tankers, Tugs & Barges.
12 Th. Mobil Tankers, Tugs & Barges.

Making a total of  1000 MB of space, which can be used.

There is also a New site about VLCC & ULCC Supertankers, Bulkers and Gas-Carriers, on a new server.

There is also a New site about The Famous T2-Tankers, on a new server.

NEW !!

If there are any wrong or missing LINKS please let me know, so I can correct it.

The following persons where very helpful to provide me with material and photographs of Esso/Exxon ships.
Anne Niemantsverdriet
Jan Visser
Don Burgess
Edward's Ship Pages
Maik Ebel Ship Photos
Dr. Christian Ostersehlte, M.A.   ( Historian of the Howaltswerke-Deutsche Werft AG, Kiel, Germany )
Chas Betts, Southampton, UK
Beppe Allievi
Christoph Segebarth, kleinzoon van Kapitein Herman Segebarth.
Roel Zwama
Miel en Eileen Citroen    ( Esso Nederland Historical Archive, Rotterdam Botlek )
Barrie´s Mail
Charles Loughlin
Carl Wayne's     ( Tug Database )
John Kirkham
Mark Kindrachuk
Koos Los
Cees Helder    ( Helderline, a site about Shell tankers )
Hans-Joachim Reinecke   ( Photographs, see below )
Jérôme Billard    ( Auteur of several French maritime books )
Didier Pinçon
Barry Parker  ( Shipping Business Consultant , New York )
Jan Verduijn
Teun de Wit
Ton Timmerman    ( Oud schipper Esso binnenvaart tankers )
Teun Blok                ( Oud schipper Esso binnenvaart tankers )
Lennart Almqvist     ( Varvshistoriska Föreningen i Göteborg )
Jan Lassen     ( )

Ships Photographs ( Only by regular mail );
Hans-Joachim Reinecke
Wildschwanbrook  88
22145 Hamburg

And the following organisations :
United States Merchant Marine  []
Historical Collections of the Great Lakes.
Bowling Green State University.

Other sources :
Jaarboek Scheepvaart 3,
Essofoons, diverse jaargangen,
Essobron, diverse jaargangen,
Ships of the Esso fleet in WW II,
Lloyds Ships Register 1954/55.
Lloyds Ships Register 1973/74 ( A - L )
Sailing Ship to Supertanker.
Deutsche Reedereien (Band 6)
Seventy Adventures Years.
100 Jahre - Esso Germany.
Tanker Directory of the World (1959).
Taschenbuch Der Handelsflotte 1940.