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Exxon Tank Barges
Exxon Barge No. 5 - (1970-1973)
"Esso Bay State" with "Exxon Barge No. 5".
Tank Barge built in 1970 by Gretna Machine & Iron Works, Harvey LA., as "Esso Barge No. 5", yardnumber # 194, 3400 BRT.
renamed in 1973 as "Exxon Barge No. 5". Sold in ?? to Marine Spill Response, Corp., Herndon, VA., as "MSRC 570".
In service in the Galveston, TX., area.
Exxon Bay State & Exxon Barge 7-70
Seen here with the "Exxon Bay State" at  Job Island in West Penobscot Bay, Maine.
The "Exxon Bay State" with "Exxon Barge No. 5", along side the M/T Christian Reinauer, lightering the "Christian F. Reinauer".

Exxon barge there again
Recently, 1981, in another incident off the coast of Maine, an Exxon-owned barge helped a crippled oil tanker, the Christian F. Reinauer, owned by the Boston Fuel Transportation Corporation.
The tanker, which was south of Job Island in West Penobscot Bay, Maine, was carrying nearly 720,000 gallons of gasoline and heating oil when it struck an offshore ledge.
The ship suffered a gash 21 feet long and 1 foot wide on one side, and a 14-foot tear on the other. More than 60,000 gallons of oil escaped the ship.
The Exxon Bay State was dispatched to the damaged oil tanker, helped in the lightering operation, and salvaged much of the remaining product.

Principal Characteristics
Design Tonnage
3374 tonnes
Length between Perpendicular
102.108 mtr
Molded Breadth(M)
Molded Depth(M)
Length Overall LOA
102.108 mtr
Gross Tonnage
3374 (Registered)
Net Tonnage
3374 (Registered)