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From start to finish "Exxon Valdez"
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"Exxon Valdez". ( Exxon Sg. Co. )

"Exxon Valdez" built by National Steel & Shipbuilding Co., San Diego; 1986.
"Exxon Valdez" was the original name of an Oil tanker owned by the former Exxon Shipping Company,
a division of the former Exxon Corporation. after grounding at the entrance at Valdez,
she was towed to the Dry-Dock for repairs. She was renamed "Exxon Mediterranean" in 1990,
sold in 1993 to  SeaRiver Maritime Inc., as "S/R Mediterranean", renamed in 2005 as "Mediterranean",
rebuild in 2009 as a Bulker named "Dong Fang Ocean", sold in 2011 as "Oriental Nicety",
finally sold for scrap March 16 th 2012, at Dalian, China.
 The stranded "Exxon Valdez" is finally boomed and ready for drydock.
"Exxon Valdez" in Dry-Dock for repairs. ( Exxon Sg. Co. )
"Exxon Mediterranean". ( Exxon Sg. Co. )
"S/R Mediterranean". ( Seariver Mar. Inc. )
"Mediterranean". ( Seariver Mar. Inc. )
"Dong Fang Ocean". ( Hong Kong Bloom Sh. Co., Ltd. )
"Dong Fang Ocean". ( Hong Kong Bloom Sh. Co., Ltd. )
"Oriental Nicety", renamed as "Oriental N", at the anchorage at Dalian China, for breaking.
"Orienatl N', at the end of the line, breakers have started.