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Vorwärts - (1886-1889)
Steam Tank Ship "Vorwärts".
KRBM - 2311 BRT / 3000 DTW - 91,94 x 11,35 x 7.18 M - 1 Triple Expansion Steam Engine - 1100 IHP,
build by Walssend Slipway & Engineering Co., Ltd., Wallsend. On 9.11.1889 launch.
On 2.12.1886 build by Sir W.G. Armstrong, Mitchell & Co., Low Walker on Tyne as "Vorwärts" for
W. A. Riedemann and Albt. Nic. Schütte & Sohn, Geestemunde.
Registered 19.2.1887.
On 15.9.1889 sold to C. F. Wedekind, Palermo, Geestemunde. Not renamed.
On 25/26.7.1890 in Savona with a restcargo of petroleum on fire.
On 27.7.1890 towed by 2 steamtugs to the Vado Cape.
Sunk in the night of 28 on 29.7.21890.
A not so very sharp and small photo of the "Vorwärts".