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R.L. Hague - (1932-1933)
See also : Splendor (2)  &  General Plan "R. L. Hague"
 "R.L. Hague" launch 1932.
Build in 1932 as "R.L. Hague" for the BAPG, sold to "La Columbia" Soc. Marit. per Transporti di Petrolio e Derivati,
Genua, Italy, in 1933 and renamed in 1949 as "Splendor". Renamed as "Esso Italia" in 1951. Scrapped in 1960.
 "R.L. Hague" painting by Fritz W. Schulz, Berlin, 1934.
 "R.L. Hague", "ROBERT L. HAGUE" "ex libris" "R.H." on face on reverse side "Oil sketch of book plate"
Signed "W.S.W" Name on bow "R. L. Hague". Oil sketch of book plate, Item number 71 in the Hague Catalogue.

Additional Info by Starke & Schell Registers :

R. L. HAGUE - 1932   DZ    2M (aft)     (14½)
12,173 GRT for Baltisch-Amerik. Petroleum Import G.m.b.H. (Waried Tankschiff. Rhed.), Danzig    522.0 x 70.2
Tanker build by Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Monfalcone, (7)   #249                    
1933 - "La Columbia" Soc. Marit. per Trasporti di Petrolio e Derivati, Genoa, IT, 1845
1940 - SPLENDOR, s/o
Scuttled 9 Sep 1943 at La Spezia, refloated by German salvors, again sunk in air raid 1944, refloated,
repaired at Monfalcone, returned to service 1948
1951 - ESSO ITALIA  "La Columbia" Soc. Marittima per Azioni, Genoa
Broken up at Trieste 1960 by "SIDEMAR", arrived Trieste 08.06.1959.