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German ESSO Tankers Album
Leda (I) - (1913-1914)
Build in 1913 by Howaldtswerke AG, Kiel, as the first "Leda", for DAPG, Hamburg.
 In 1914 confiscated by "HMS Suffolk" near Bermuda.
Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey is regarded with legal ownership of the tanker.
In 1914 renamed "Matinicock" for Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey .
In 1919 registered in New York.
Sold in 1924 to Matinicock Steamship Co., Inc., Wilmington, Managers C.D. Mallory & Co., Inc.
Sold in 1935 to Ardmore Steamship Co., Inc., Wilmington, same Managers.
Sold in 1941 to Farr Spinning & Operating  Co., Inc., Wilmington.
Sold in 1942 to Matinicock Steamship Co., Inc., Wilmington.
Sold in 1946 as "Yung Che" to unknown owners in Panama.
Sold in 1946 to China Merchant Steam Navigation Co., Shanghai.
Sold in 1947 to China Tanker Co., Shanghai.
In 1949 Managers China merchant Steam Navigation Co., Kaoshiung.
14.8.1953 Laid up at Kaoshiung, arrived in September 1953 Formosa, for breaking up.
6766 BRT, 11080 DWT, 139,98 X 18,31 X 8,79 Mtr.

Additional Info by Starke & Schell Registers :

LEDA - 1913   GE     1Q (aft)     (10)
6,766 GRT for Deutsch-Amerik. Petroleum Ges., Hamburg     460.0 x 60.1
Tanker build by Howaldtswerke, Kiel     (1)     #581
Captured at sea by HMS SUFFOLK,, 8 Aug 1914, and taken into Bermuda, voy. Rotterdam - Baton Rouge, in ballast
1914 - Admiralty requisition, London      BR     138987
Released to the U.S. principals of the German owners, April 1915
1915 - MATINICOCK   Standard Oil Co. (New Jersey), New York       USA      213157
1924 - Matinicock SS. Co., Ltd. (C. D. Mallory & Co., Inc., mgrs.), Wilmington, Del.
1934 - Ardmore SS. Co., Inc. (s/m)
1942 - Matinicock SS. Corp. (s/m)
1946 - YUNG CHE   China Merchants' Steam Navigation Co., Shanghai     CS
1948 - China Tanker Co., Ltd., Shanghai  / Kaohsiung    TW - 49
Broken up at Kaohsiung 2nd quarter 1954.