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Esso New Orleans (3) - (1965-1973)
"ESSO NEW ORLEANS (3)" Delivered

The 66,700 ton Esso New Orleans returned to the Yard April 6 after a successful two-day sea trial in the Atlantic.

The newest Humble tiger was turned loose to her owners on April 9 when the Shipyard delivered the
Esso New Orleans to The Humble Oil 8: Refining Company.
    The shiny new 66,700-ton vessel returned April 6 from two days in the Atlantic where she displayed her prowess for Yard and Humble officials.
    "The trials went very smoothly and we were well satisfied with the results,” said John E. Hoagland, Humble representative in the Yard, upon the ship's return.
    The Esso New Orleans (Hull 576) was expected to leave the Yard either the evening of April 9 or the next day for a maiden voyage to her namesake city, New Orleans, Louisiana. A civic reception awaited the ship upon her arrival there this week. Humble ofiicials said that the large painted tiger’s head and the 35-foot-long tiger tail which proved so popular when the ship rode down the ways in January would be used again during the ship's open house in the city.
    Delivery of the Esso New Orleans marks completion of a two-ship contract for Humble. She is the 41st tanker built for Esso over the years and the 81st tanker to grace Shipyard building ways during the last six decades.
    She and her sister ship, Em Houston, are expected to offer a challenge to the overland pipeline. The keel for the ship was laid June 1, 1964, and the tanker was christened last January 23 by Mrs. J. K. Jamieson, wife of the Executive Vice President and Director of Standard Oil of New Jersey.
    The Esso New Orleans is a picture of modern efficiency which contributes to faster and more economical service to her customers and provides for increased comfort and efficiency of her crew.
    The 800-foot ship and her sister tanker, Esso Houston, are the largest tankers ever built in the Yard. The Esso New Orleans is identical with the Esso Houston which was featured in the December 1964 SHIPYARD BULLETIN.
    With adequate shore receiving facilities, the ship will be able to discharge a full cargo of 24,480,000 gallons, equivalent to 2,448 railroad tank cars, in about 15 hours. As cargo is loaded, gases are dispelled through a series of vent pipes exhausting directly to
the atmosphere.
    Similarly, when cargo is discharged, air is admitted through the vent pipes to take the place of the liquid. Flame arresters are installed at the topmost point of the vent lines.
    With her modern loading and unloading facilities, the Esso Houston is able to arrive at a port, load or discharge 66,700 tons of petroleum cargo in a safe and efficient manner and leave—in less than one day.
    There are many safety features of the Eso New Orleans which will insure successful operation during her voyages. All sorts of instruments, gauges, and electric and electronic devices provide deck and engine personnel with modern aids to safe navigation,
communication and efficient power plant operations.
    The entry into service of the Erro New Orleans brings to 20 the number of ocean-going tankers operated by The Humble Oil & Refining Company.

Source : NEWPORT NEWS SHIPYARD BULLETIN, April 1965. ( Thanks to S. Dale Hargrave )