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Esso Stockholm (1) - (1949-1960)
Source : Shipyard Bulletin, 1960.

The Esso Stockholm launching on July 1, 1949, was one of the rare occasions in our plant on which the sliding launching of a vessel was delayed. The Sponsor, Mrs. Emile E. Soubry of Rye, New York, and the launching party were to arrive from New York by plane on the morning of the launching. News arrived that the launching party was delayed, and some anxious moments were spent until notification of their arrival was received. The launching probably could have proceeded at the scheduled time of 10 A.M., but it was decided to give the Sponsor and her party more time to prepare for the event. The launching took place at 10:15 A.M., fifteen minutes late.
It is a matter of conjecture what would have happened had the Sponsor and her party been delayed for a longer period. A newspaper stated that the launching might have been postponed.

The operations for the sliding launching of a vessel at ten o’clock must of necessity start at a very early hour on the morning of launching.
Keels blocks, shores, and wedging operations continue progressively up to just a moment before the scheduled time of christening. Even to postpone the launching of such a sizeable vessel an hour before the scheduled time would involve many complications. Launching times are selected to coincide with slack water when there is no current running. This is important because of the clearance between the sides of the vessel and the shipway abutrnents. A current could possibly alter the path of the
sliding vessel sufficiently to cause some damage.

Sponsor's party of the launching of the ESSO STOCKHOLM on July 1, I949. Left to right ore shown, J. M. Esdaile, son-in-low of sponsor, Kenneth Soubry, Jr., son of sponsor, R. T. Haslam, a director of Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and Mrs. Haslam, Mrs. Kenneth Soubry, Jr., daughter-in-low of the sponsor, Mrs. J. M. Esdaile, daughter of the sponsor, Mrs. Emile E. Soubry, the sponsor, M. G. Gamble, manager of Marine Department, Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and J. B. Woodward, Jr.

The charming Sponsor of the Essa Stockholm, Mrs. Emile E. Soubry, executed her christening duties flawlessly including the statement “I christen thee Esso Stockholm.” This portion of the traditional ceremony is often forgotten by sponsors in the excitement of the moment.
Mrs. Soubry is the wife of a director of Standard Oil Company (New Jersey).
The Esso Stockholm, our Hull No. 478, launched from Shipway Nine, is the fourth 628-foot tanker of the same class to be launched
in our yard for the Standard Oil Company (New jersey) .

After the ceremony the launching party viewed a special exhibit “Oil on Water” at the Mariner’s Museum. The pictures in the exhibit were from a larger collection commissioned by the Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) to document the world-wide activities of the oil industry.
The Esxo Stockholm was delivered by our Yard to the Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) on August 26, 1949.

View at stern of ESSO STOCKHOLM at the start of her slide down shipwuy 9 on July 1, I949.
ESSO STOCKHOLM is shown as she became water borne for the first time on Julv 1, 1949.

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