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ESSO International Tankers 1940-1949
Splendor (2) - (1940-1951)
See also : R.L. Hague
 Build in 1932 as "R.L. Hague" for the BAPG, sold to "La Columbia" Soc. Marit. per Transporti di Petrolio e Derivati,
Genua, Italy, in 1933 and renamed in 1949 as, as seen here, "Splendor". Renamed as "Esso Italia" in 1951.
Scrapped in 1960.
"Splendor" seen here in drydock.

Additional Info by Starke & Schell Registers :

R. L. HAGUE - 1932   DZ    2M (aft)     (14½)
12,173 GRT for Baltisch-Amerik. Petroleum Import G.m.b.H. (Waried Tankschiff. Rhed.), Danzig    522.0 x 70.2
Tanker build by Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Monfalcone, (7)   #249                    
1933 - "La Columbia" Soc. Marit. per Trasporti di Petrolio e Derivati, Genoa, IT, 1845
1940 - SPLENDOR, s/o
Scuttled 9 Sep 1943 at La Spezia, refloated by German salvors, again sunk in air raid 1944, refloated,
repaired at Monfalcone, returned to service 1948
1951 - ESSO ITALIA  "La Columbia" Soc. Marittima per Azioni, Genoa
Broken up at Trieste 1960 by "SIDEMAR", arrived Trieste 08.06.1959.