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ESSO International Tankers 1970-1979
Esso Philadelphia (2) - (1970-1973)
See also : Exxon Philadelphia
 Launch of the second "Esso Philadelphia".
( Photo thanks to Dale Hargrave )
"Esso Philadelphia"
The second "Esso Philadelphia" was build in 1970, by Avondale Shipyards Inc.
Renamed in 1973 as "Exxon Philadelphia", sold in ?? as "S/R Philadelhia".
Sold in 1999 as "May Bay", sold as "Sabine Philadelphia" in 2000 and scrapped in 2001.
"Esso Philadelphia", at New York.
( Photo Copyright Chris Howell )
 "Sabine Philadelphia", ex. "Mary Bay", ex. "S/R Philadelphia", ex. "Exxon Philadelphia", ex. "Esso Philadelphia",
( Photo Copyright Duka )

The Miramar Ship Index for "ESSO PHILADELPHIA"
ID No: 7016618 Year: 1970
Name: ESSO PHILADELPHIA Launch Date: -
Type: Tanker Date of completion: 03.1970
Flag: USA Keel: -
Tons: 38144 Link: 2101
DWT: 75649 Yard No: 1182
Length overall: 246.8 Ship Design: -
LPP: 232.6 Country of build: USA
Beam: 38.2 Builder: Avondale
Material of build: - Location of yard: Avondale
Number of screws/Mchy/Speed(kn): 1ST-16      
Owner as Completed: Humble Oil & Refining Co - USA
Subsequent History:
1993 S/R PHILADELPHIA (Sea River Mar Inc - USA)
1999 MARY BAY (Monika Sg & Tdg Corp - USA)

Disposal Data:
Scrapped at Haryana Ship Demolition, Alang : Arrived 4 Dec. 2001.