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Esso Tugs, 1940 - Today
Esso Louisiana (1) - (1948-1962)
See also : Louisiana, ex. Esso Louisiana (1) & Katie Hooper, ex. Louisiana, ex. Esso Louisiana (1)
Towboat built in 1948 by Dravo Corp., Pittsburg, Pa, for Esso/Humble Oil, as "Esso Louisiana", 375 GRT.
Now "Katie Hooper", converted to a restaurant.
"Esso Louisiana" after her launch.
 "Esso Louisiana (1)", diesel powered river towboat of Esso Stand Oil Company, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, September 1949,
with Esso Oil BargeNo. 236.
( Photo Copyright Lee, Russell )
"Esso Louisiana (1)", pushing an oil barge into position to form a tow. The State Capitol building in Baton Rouge Louisiana's in the background.
( Photo Copyright Lee, Russell )
 Tow of oil barges as seen from the bridge of the "Esso Louisiana (1)", diesel powered towboat of the Esso Standard Oil Company,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
"Esso Louisiana".
"Esso Louisiana".
"Esso Louisiana".
"Esso Louisiana".
"Esso Louisiana".
"Esso Louisiana".
"KATIE HOOPER" during her days as the first "ESSO LOUISIANA".
Sistership was the "ESSO TENNESSEE".
Tom Waller was told by “an old SeaRiver hand” that when the vessel first came out there was a complement of 22 personnel
aboard - a deck crew for the barges and a deck crew for the vessel. The photo was scanned from the Exxon Mobile "Red
Stick News" and is printed with permission. Posted by Tom Waller.

The "Esso Louisiana" was built by Dravo Corporation, Neville Island, PA., in I believe it was 1948... She had a sister built
as well, the "Esso Tennessee". They are 166'-9 3/4 ft long and 36 ft wide and drafted 7' 6". They were rated at around 2200
horsepower and were built for Esso Standard Oil to replace their steam fleet, which comprised of the Sprague, Amos K.
Gordon, Corona, & Jack Rathbone. They are called (Towboats). Tug is a nasty word by those of who used
to work, or had worked, on them."