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John D. Archbold (1) - (1914-1917)
The New York Times, June 20, 1917, Wednesday

Second Vessel Lost by the Standard Oil Company Within a Week.
All of the Gun Crew, However, Are Reported Safe - Steamer Lost Off the French Coast.

David T. Warden, manager of the foreign  steamship department of the Standard Oil Company, at 26 Broadway, announced yesterday that the tank steamshlp John D. Archbold had been torpedoed and sunk off the French coast on June 16 and four of her crew drowned. The tanker left a French port last Thursday in ballast for an American port, and was two days out when she was attacked by a German submarine. The vessel was commanded by Captain H.B. Thompson, a brother of Thomas Thompson, who commanded the tanker Moroni when she fought a German submarine for two hours before she was sunk on June 12 in the Mediterranean.
The cable dispatch received yesterday from the Captain of the John D. Archbold said that thirty-seven of the crew, including himself, had landed safely at a French port. The names of the dead men given in the message were Gregorio Soza, fireman, Domingo Largo, wiper, and Jose Lorenzo, oiler. The name of the fourth victim was misspelled and it was not given out, as there were three similar names among the crew. Captain Thompson also said that the naval gun crew on board had escaped injury. Mr. Walden added that he had cabled to get the correct name of the fourth man, who was a Spaniard, and that he also had asked for full details regarding ths crew.
The names of the Americans on the John D. Archbold, exclusive of Captain Thompson, were ;
W. H. Gridley, first mate, Park Gate Building, of Chicago ; W. L. Smith, second mate, of Everett, Mass.; Ten Eyck, H. Reed, third mate, of Framingham, Mass.; Thomas D. Callan of Brooklyn, N. Y., and G. C. Wilkins of Mayaville, Ky., wireless operators; John Wilson,  Chief engineer, Astoria, N. Y.; J. M. Johnson, first assistant engineer, Jersey City; H. 0. Caldwell, second assitand engineer. of Connecticut, A. J. Iverson, third assistant engineer, of California, W..B. Alllson of Mount Victory, Ohio and Virgil Bell of Steubenville, Ohio, messmen, and Edwin J. Muir, cook of Keyport. N.J.
The John D. Archbold was a single screw steamship of 8,374 ton, and was built in1914l at Newport News for the Standard Oil Company. She lefl New York on May 20 for Havre and Rouen, with 11,500 tons of oil, and carried a crew of forty-one, exclusive of the gun crew. The tanker was insured by the Federal War Risk Bureau. The Standard Oil Company valued the John D. Archhold at $ 3,000,000.

WASHINGTON, June 19-State Departmen advices reporting the sinking of the steamer John D. Archbold said three  memb-ers of the vessel crew were killed and two others drowned, and that the twelve members of the armed guard all were safe.
The armed guard of the Archbold was commanded by Timothy O'Donnell, chief boatswain's mate.  Names and home addresses of all the gun crew follow:
Timothy O'Donnell, 16 Warren Street. New York; Frederick Alexander Guelke. 140 Second Avenue, Union Course, Long lsland, N.Y.; Frank Donald Williams. St. Paul; Charles Edward Dunn, 347 Columbus Avenue, New York; Robert Edward Riggs, Dent, Ohio; Albert Edward Schroeder, Chicago; Louis Asberry Daugherty, Kenton. Ohio; Albert Nelson, Chicago; John Joseph Hickey, Chicago; Charles Edwin Matson, Mempis, Tenn.; William Emil Ortutny, East Port Chester, N. Y.; William John Schaefer, Baltimore, and Joneph Artthur Lamb, Milwaukee.