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Esso Tugs 1880 - 1939
Amos K. Gordon - (1933-1949)
"Amos K. Gordon", a sternwheel towboat, was build in 1933 by Dubuque, Iowa, by the Dubuque Boat and Boiler Company.
Owner was Standard Oil of Louisiana.
Boat was named for the vice-president of Standard Oil of Louisiana. Boat was retired in 1949 and sold to a firm in
Miami, Florida for scrap.
Officers & Crew: Captain Charles Lauterbach (Master); Captain John E. Greaud (Mate, and later Master)
Rivers: Ohio River; Mississippi River
"Amos K. Gordon".
"Amos K. Gordon".
     The towboat "Amos K. Gordon", pushing oil barges up the Mississippi River, in 1946.
The barges have just been loaded at the Esso docks.
(Photo by Libsohn, Sol)