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Mobil Tank Barges < 2000 ton
Mobil Champlain - (1968- ?? )
The motorized Tankbarge "Mobil Champlain". The motor barge was powered by a M&T Harbor Master outdrive unit.
The Champlain picture is taken shortly after Poling bought her hence her decks still being gray.
Built as barge "Mobil 52" in 1958 and converted and renamed in 1968.
The "Mobil Champlain" ran Lake Champlain.
This is picture of the "Mobil Champlain" doing what she was designed to do…. transit the Champlain Barge Canal with
maximum cargo in a single locking. Barge size was quite a bit reduced ( from 300’ to 220’ ) to allow room for the
tug in the same lock chamber. Maximum draft was 10’ and maximum air draft was about 18’.
Going south we would need to carry half a load of water to fit under bridges.
We are northbound entering lock 6, I believe.
( Photo & info thanks to Bill Searles )
"Mobil Champlain". Installing one of the main engines to be bolted to the deck. 16v 71 Detroit Diesel is
identical to the Mobil Trader and Mt Vernon - as well as the cargo pump engines on the Mobile 91 and 120.
( Photo & info thanks to Bill Searles )
"Mobil Champlain" out of ballast, Here is the finished product after installation. We would frequently remove the
harbormasters for the winter so the ice would not shear them off. The Mt Vernon and Trader never left NY harbor.
( Photo & info thanks to Bill Searles )
"Chicago V", ex. "Carol V', ex. "Mobil Champlain", ex. "Mobil 50", ex. "Socony 50",  seen here at Panama City.


Name: Chicago V
Ex-Names: Carol V, Mobil Champlain, Mobil 50, Socony 50
Registered in: Trinidad und Tobago
IMO-Nr.: 8951750
Length : 91.44 later 67,06 Mtr.
Beam : ?
Draught : 3.05 Mtr.
GT : 1249 / 1161 Ton
Engine performance:
Enigine: 2 x 16v 71 Detroit Diesels
Built : 1958
Yard : Gulfport Shipbuilding, Port, Arthur, Texas, USA
Yard No. : 520