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Mei Tan - (1917- ?? )
Unfortunaly no picture available, anyone ?????

Source : Pacific Marine Review, Volume 14, 1917.

The Standard Oil Company, having its principal North China ofifice at Shanghai, with Mr, C, H. Blake as Manager, is owner of the "Mei Tan", built to the company's specifications under the direction of Captain W. Eisler, Marine Superintendent.
The builders were the well known Chinese company, Kiang-nan Dock & Engineering Company of Shanghai. The "Mei Tan" is a very notable craft and is the first of several the Standard Oil Company is building for use through the Yangtse rapids to carry oils into the western provinces of China. She is the first ship built in a foreign country to receive full American registry under recent legislation and rules at Washington.
The "Mei Tan" is 140 feet 6 inches long over all, 17 feet 6 inches beam, and 5 feet 6 inches normal load draft. She is twin screw with triple-expansion reciprocating engines with 1450 horsepower and a speed of 14 knots. Steam is supplied by two White-Forster water-tube boilers.