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Mobil Astral (2) - (1964-1979)
More photos "Mobil Astral (2)"
 "Mobil Astral (2)", at Whangarei Harbour 20th November 1967.
( Photo Hocken Collections )
"Mobil Astral (2)".
"Mobil Astral (2) entering dock at Hellenic Shipyards, Greece.
"Mobil Astral (2) for her last voyage.
"Mobil Astral (2).
"Mobil Astral (2).
( Photo thanks to David Hopcroft )
David wrote to me the following :
I was RO on the Mobil Astral for a time. In 1967, when the Arab-Israeli war broke out, we were en-route from the Gulf to Australia and
half way across the Indian Ocean when we were diverted to Port de Bouc near Marseille in the Medi. We had insufficient bunkers for that,
so we met up with the SYLVAN ARROW in Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth to transfer bunker fuel. The photo was sent to me by the local
newspaper, who wanted to interview our Captain over the Radio, but had to settle for me !