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On Board Photos
Photos people on board MS "Mei Ping" - Part-2
( All photos Copyright Harold Corsini )
Location Sumatra, Indonesia, 1948.
Foo Pah Yung, cook who works aboard the "Mei Ping", a tanker operating in the Sumatra Straits.
Chen Ah Pen, Boatswain aboard the tanker "Mei Ping".
Foo Lat, in the engine room of the tanker "Mei Ping".
How Chung, deckhand aboard the tanker "Mei Ping".
Sze Cheng Kang and Low Swee Chung, mess boys, in their cabin aboard the tanker "Mei Ping".
    Worker taking up a sample of oil product in the "Mei Ping's" tank.
( All photos Copyright Harold Corsini )