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Mobil Endurance (2) - (1982-1983)
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 "Mobil Endurance" was build in 1982 and became "Samoset"in 1990. Sold in 2002 as "Aliakmon" at Wellington 1983.
( Photo Copyright Chris Howell )
 "Mobil Endurance" at Bluff, New Zeeland, July 19th, 1986.
( Photo Copyright Chris Howell )
"Mobil Endurance".
"Mobil Endurance".
 "Aliakmon", ex. "Samoset", ex. "Mobil Endurance" at anchor, Western petroluem bravo, Singapore, April 7th , 2004.
( Photo Copyright Hugo )
 "Dignity", ex. "Aliakmon", ex. "Samoset", ex. "Mobil Endurance" at Algeciras Roads, Spain,  December 12th 2006.
( Photo Copyright Benny Olsen )
"Merlin Trader", ex. "Dignity", ex. "Aliakmon", ex. "Samoset", ex. "Mobil Endurance" at Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 9th, 2008.
Watch the plane !!
( Photo Copyright Har )
"Mobil Endurance" seen as "Merlin Trader".
( Photo Coyright Chris Howell )
 "Merlin Trader", ex. "Dignity", ex. "Aliakmon", ex. "Samoset", ex. "Mobil Endurance" at Gent, Belgium, January 31th, 2009.
( Photo Coyright Danny Vyvey )
"Champion Adriatic",  ex. "Merlin Trader", ex. "Dignity", ex. "Aliakmon", ex. "Samoset", ex. "Mobil Endurance", at Warnemünde, Germany,  in May 2005.
( Photo Copyright Wolfgang Kramer )

Name: Aliakmon
IMO No: 8005783
Ex: Aliakmon-?; Samoset-2002; Mobil Endurance-1990
Built: 1982
Type: Tanker
Status: In Service
SubType: -
Flag: Liberia
DWT: 38,529
Draft: 11.164
Builder: Sumitomo H.I.
GT: 21,963
LOA: 171.00/152.01
Owner: Sun Enterprises
NT: 12,252
Beam: 30.03
Speed/Cons: 15.29/33.70
Class: AB
Depth: 16.21
Engine Type: Sulzer 6 RLA 66, 8280.6 kW
Cubic: 42,484