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Comet - (1930-1947)
"Comet" was built in 1930.

LOA 500 '1 "  Beam 65 ' 9 "  Depth 37 '
14,363 DWT  115,984 bbls
Quadruple expansion engine 54 " stroke, 3600lHP, speed 11.9 knots

Launched 9 December 1930 and commissioned 21 days later at Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company, Chester,
COMET warmed up with a few coast-to-coast voyages, with her engine-room abstracts carefully studied against those of BRILLIANT.
COMET also made a few voyages to the Far East, but in late 1931 she joined the parade up and down the US east coast.
WWII saw her requisitioned by WSA and sent first to Alaska, then to the islands of the South Pacific where she supported General
McArthur's landings on New Guinea. She remained in the Pacific throughout the war, practically a fleet oiler. After the war she was
returned to the east coast and returned to the company for peacetime pursuits.

Between August 1946 and May 1947 she was allocated to General Petroleum Company on the west coast. When the two High
Speed Tankers TASCALUSA and TATARRAX - were repurchased from the US government in mid1947, the way was clear for the
COMET'S disposal. She was sold in June 1947 to a Danish steamship company and renamed BRIGIT MAERSK by her new

Additional Info by Starke & Schell Registers :

1930.  COMET    USA     1Q (aft)  (11)
9,154 GRT for Standard Transportation Co., Inc., New York    480.5 x 66.0
Tanker built by Sun SB. & DD. Co., Chester, Pa.   (12)     #128    230424
1931 - Standard-Vacuum Transportation Co., New York
1935 - Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., Inc., New York
1947 - BRIGIT MÆRSK   A/S D/S Svendborg & A/S D/S af 1912 (A. P. Møller), Fredericia, DE
1953 - BRIGITTE   Staroil Navigation Co., S.A., Panama  [A. I. Romano], PA
1960 - TRANSPETROL   Soc. Anon. Hellénique Maritime "Transpetrol", Piraeus  [A. I. Romano], GR    1601
Broken up at Split 1964 by Brodospas, arr. 7.8.64