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Empire Arrow - (1921-1939)
"Empire Arrow", location and date unknown.

Empire Arrow
LOA  485 ' 2 "  Beam  62 ' 6 "  Depth  39 ' 6 "
13,305 DWT  99,742 bbls
Quadruple expansion engine 51" stroke, 3200lHP, speed 10.6 knots
Launched 24 May and commissioned 7 August 1921 at New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, New Jersey.
EMPIRE'S early voyages took her on the world-round trips for which the Arrow boats were famous in the 1920s. She lifted out of the
east or west coasts of the US for the Philippines, China, Japan, and all points Far East, reloading at Dutch East Indies for backhauls
to Europe or England.

In 1933 she was withdrawn from foreign service and placed in the coastal shuttle between Beaumont, Texas, and New York.
In 1938 she was in New England waters when the notorious hurricane struck, and in December of that year was sold "as is" to
Northern Metals Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for her steel.

"Empire Arrow" was build in 1921, by by New York SB. Corp., Camden, N.J., yard no. 261.
Keel laid on Sep 14, 1920, launched May 24, 1921.
Oil tanker (Standard Transportation Co.), 468 feet, 8046 grt, crew 49.
Operated by Standard Transportation Co. (1921),
Standard-Vacuum Transportation Co (1931),
and Socony-Vacuum Oil Co (1935).
Scrapped at Philadelphia, 1939.

Additional information Starke & Schell registers :

EMPIRE ARROW - 1921    USA  1Q (aft)     (10½)
     8,046     Standard Transportation Co., Inc., New York       468.3 x 62.7
         Tanker     New York SB. Corp., Camden, N.J.     (9)     #261     221600
1931 - Standard-Vacuum Transportation Co., Inc., New York
1935 - Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., Inc., New York
Broken up at Philadelphia 1939 by Northern Metals Co.,  arr. 10.1.39.