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Capitaine Damiani - (1930-1939)
Callsign O.F.I.J. then P.N.F.A.
4854grt. 2689nrt. 6729dwt. Measurements 116.01 oa - 100.38 pp x 15.83 x 8.51 meters (7 draught).
T. 3 Cyl. steam engine of 317 NHP by Allis Charmer Ltd., Toronto. 11.5 knots.
1921; launched by National S.B.Corp. (15), Three Rivers, P.Q. as MOTRICINE (2) but due to bankrupcy of the Shipyard,
completed by Sté. Naphte-Transport (Cie. de Nav. Mixte) as CAPITAINE DAMIANI for own account.
1930 : transferred to Sté. Mazout Transports, Marseilles.
08.1939 : sold to Courtage & Transports (Sté. Frangaise de Transports Pétroliers, Mgrs.).
23.05.1941: damaged in Messina Strait by torpedo of the British submarine HMS UPHOLDER while on voyage from
Marseilles to Constanza. Towed to Naples then proceeded to Marseilles. Laid up.
12.1942 : seized by Germans at Marseilles but not handed over following to her damages.
27.06.1944 : Scuttled by French resistants in Étang de Berre.
04.1946 : raised and towed to gulf of Fos.
06.07.1946 : condemned and subsequently broken up.

Additional Info by Starke & Schell Registers :

CAPITAINE DAMIANI - 1921   FR     1T (aft)     (11)
     4,818 GRT for Soc. Napthe Transport, Marseille      380.2 x 52.1
         Tanker nuilt by National SB. Corp., Three Rivers, P.Q.   (11)     #15
1929 - Soc. Pétroles Transports (Cie. de Nav. Mixte, mgrs.), Marseille
1936 - Soc. Anon. Mazout Transports (s/m)
Torp. by HMS UPHOLDER, 23 May 1941, in the Strait of Messina, (35.42N-12.24E) heavily damaged, laid up,
scuttled at Marseille by Germans, August 1944,  refloated after WW II - arr. Savona 23 Sep 1949 for scrapping.