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Photos on board Creole / Esso tankers - Venezuela - Part - 2
( Al photos send by Jose Mujica )

Jose Mujica wrote to me the following :
Between 1961 (I was one year old) and 1975 (Circa) my father, Captain Victor Mujica, commanded several Creole / Esso tankers in Venezuela. I spent my childhood and part of my teen years on Esso La Guiara, Esso Margarita, Esso Amuay, Esso Maracaibo and Esso Caracas.
About Esso Maracaibo, Captain Zulaica (The crash against Rafael Urdaneta Bridge), was a good friend of my father and I met him.
Please feel free to publish on your wonderful site. I apologize if I name the tankers wrong.
Remark : The photos ae from a long time ago, and a bit damaged.

Fishing with A. Zambrano, E. Rodriguez and Captain V. Mujica, on board Esso Maracaibo. 1973.
Captain V. Mujica and Captain Noguera, on the Esso La Guaira, circa 1968.
Diningroom, Carmen Quintero, Prisca Mujica, Captain Victor Mujica and Chief Engineer Jorge Arre, on the Esso Maracaibo 1973.
F. Guijarro, Prisca Mujica, J. Narvaez and J. Velasquez, on the Esso Maracaibo, 1973. In the distance a Shell tanker.
Live boat on the Esso Maracaibo, 1973. No names given.
( Al photos send by Jose Mujica )