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Lago / Creole / Lagoven Petroleum Corp.
Ambrosio - (1926-1945)
Several Lakers at San Nicolas and a cargo ship in the background. Foto possible made in 1927. In front
the "Ambrosio", with behind her, a simular Laker, name unknown.
( Photo thanks to Lago Colony web site )
An old and damged photo of the "Ambrosio".

Ambrosio     7.1926     2,391
1945: (Esso Transportation Co.).
1950: (Trinidad Shipping Co. Ltd.).
1959: (Challenger Ltd., Bermuda).
1960: Converted to an ore carrier, oil engines fitted (length 328 feet oa, 2,959 gt, 3,149 tdw).
1963: (Union Carbide Corp., (Ortran Ltd., British flag)).
1968: (Government of Guyana).
1975: Out of service, laid up Essequibo River, Georgetown. Intended to be beached and converted to maritime training school, and
1976: Engine removed. Reported sold to local shipbreakers, but
10.1980: Wreck of vessel reported still lying in position 06.49N 58.1 1W.

Additional Info by Starke & Schell Registers :

AMBROSIO-1926   BR     2 Triple (aft)     (10½)
2,391 GRT for Lago Shipping Co., Ltd. (A. Weir & Co.), London      305.7 x 50.2
Tanker built by Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Belfast     (7)     #746    148783
1936 - s/o (self-managing)
1945 - Esso Transportation Co., Ltd., London
1950 - Trinidad Shipping Co., Ltd., London   (Port-of-Spain)
1960 - Challenger, Ltd., London  - conv. to motor ore carrier   [Trinidad Shipping Co., Ltd.]
1963 - Ortran, Ltd., London  [Union Carbide Corp., New York]
1968 - Government of Guyana - Ministry of Communications, Georgetown      GY
Laid up in the Essequibo River,  reported to be beached for a maritime training school,  sold to local shipbreakers 1976,
machinery removed, but wreck reported Oct 1980, still lying derelict in 06.49N-58.11W