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Lago Oil & Transportation Comp. Ltd., Aruba. (Tugs working around Aruba)
Esso San Nicolas (I) - (1956-1969)
See also : Esso Caribbean - (1969-1974) & Creole La Crustre - (1974-1992) & Lagoven La Crustre - (1992- ?? )

Tug stationed at Aruba.
Tugs "Esso Oranjestad (I)"and "Esso San Nicolas (I)", from left to right, in 1957.
( Photo Aruba Esso News )
"Esso San Nicolas (I)". Salt air and spray can cut of paint quckly.
Tug skippers are the same as nautical men everywhere, so they insist on a clean and tidy ship.
"Esso San Nicolas (I)".
Captain Arthur Scott, aboard the "Esso San Nicolas", takes his favourite wheelhouse position.
The lifebelt is standard required equipment during a fire drill, when this picture was taken.

M.SLB. “ESSO SAN NICOLAS (I)"    PJIL  1956-1969.
1956 Gulfport Shipbuilding & Drydock Corporation, Port Arthur (477).
252 B.R.T., 101 N.T., - Lx B x H = 32.01 (30,56) x 8,25 x 4.27 (3,88) meter.
2 tew 16 cil. dieselmotor General Motors Corp., Cleveland, Ohio (222 x 267) op een generator
gekoppeld aan een elektromotor (1945), 1.250 r.p.k.
1969: “ESSO CARIBBEAN”, Esso Transport Co. Inc., Panama.
1974: “CREOLE LA CRUSTRE”, Creole Petroleum Corp., Maracaibo
1977: “LAGOVEN LA CRUSTRE”, Lagoven S.A., Maracaibo.
1992 :"LA CRUSTRE", PDV Marine SA, Caracas
Nog steeds in de vaart.
 "Arikok" & "Esso San Nicolas (1)" & "Esso Oranjestad (I)".

When the "Esso Oranjestad (1)" was out of commission recently, the government tug "Arikok"
was chartered to assist the "Esso San Nicolas (1)" in harbor operotions.