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Oriental Tankers Ltd. (Standard Transp. Co. Ltd.), Hong Kong
G. S. Walden - (1935-1952)
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"G.S. Walden".
( Photo from "Een halve eeuw 'Droogdok' )
"G.S. Walden" leaves for her sea-trials.
( Photo Schip en Werf )
"G.S. Walden" leaves for her sea-trials.
( Photo Schip en Werf )
"G. S. Walden".

Additional information Starke & Schell registers :

G. S. WALDEN - 1935  BR   1M (aft) (12)
10,627 GRT for Oriental Tankers, Ltd., Hong Kong       489.1 x 75.1
Tanker build by N.V. Rotterdam Droogdok Mij., Rotterdam   (8)  #189    159441
1940 - Oriental Trade & Transport Co., Ltd., London
08/02/1942 Torpedoed but repaired.
05/14/1944 Torpedoed but repaired.
1952 - MENARA,  Cie. d'Armement Pétrolier de Maghreb "APMA" (Cie. d'Arm. du Maghreb "AMAG"), Casablanca, MO
1955 - ALBA,  "Cosarma" Cia. Sicula di Armamento, Palermo   [CITMAR, Venice]   IT, 348
Broken up at La Spezia 1962 by Cant. Navali del Golfo,
delivered. 10.3.62, work began in May 1962.

Additional information from :

G.S. Walden
Motor tanker
10,627 tons
1935 - NV Rotterdamsche Droogdok Mij, Rotterdam
Oriental Tankers Ltd (Standard Transp. Co Ltd), Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Date of attack
14 May 1944
Nationality: British
Damaged by U-616 (Siegfried Koitschka)
36° 45'N, 0° 55'E
55 (0 dead and 55 survivors).
Bari - Hampton Roads
At 03.05 hours on 3 Aug 1942, U-552 fired two torpedoes at the convoy ON-115 east of Cape Race in 45°52N/47°15W (BC 5778) and observed a hit aft on a tanker and at the bow of a freighter, both vessels stopped. The G.S. Walden was damaged and the Lochkatrine was sunk.
One crew member on G.S. Walden was killed, but the tanker managed to reach port and was repaired.
Notes on event
At 02.30 hours on 14 May 1944, U-616 attacked convoy GUS-39 and damaged the G.S. Walden and Fort Fidler.
On board
We have details of 2 people who were on board.
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