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Esso Sociedad Anonima Petrolera Argentina (Esso SAPA).
Esso Salta - (1938-1948)
"Esso Salta", build as "Creole Bueno" in 1928.
It arrived in Argentina in 1933, for Cia. Transportadora de Petro'leo SA, for the Formosa-Campana voyage,
transporting petroleum  products. Renamed in 1938 as "Esso Salta". In 1948 she catches fire in Bell, being
completely destroyed.

Cia. Transportadora de Petroleos; 1928; Palmers & Co.; 3,109 tons;
325x55-2xl6-4; 288 n.h.p.; triple-expansion engines.
The Argentine tanker Esso Salta was struck by lightning on September 25th, 1948, at Campana. There was an
explosion, fire broke out and she sank. Attempts to refloat her were unsuccessful.

Additional information Starke & Schell registers :

CREOLE BUENO - 1928    VE    2T (aft)     (8½)
3,126 GRT for Creole Petroleum Corp., Maracaibo      325.0 x 55.2
Tanker build by Palmers' SB. & Iron Co., Ltd., Newcastle   (11)     #988
1933 - CRIOLLO BUENO  Cia. Transportadora de Petroleos, S.A., Buenos Aires    AR
1938 - ESSO SALTA    s/o
Exploded and sank, 25 Sep 1948, after being struck by lightning at Campana, voy. Buenos Aires - Campana, oil, wreck sold,
refloated prev. 24 July 1952, scrapped.