FSO / FPSO > 200.000 DWT
FSO / FPSO > 200.000 DWT
Petrobras 31

"Petrobras 31". Campos field, in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil). Date: 08/10/2005.
( Photo Copyright Rogério Cordeiro )
"Petrobras 31". Campos field, in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil). Date: 08/10/2005, with unknown shuttle-tanker.
( Photo Copyright Rogério Cordeiro )
"Petrobras 31".
( Photo Copyright Erik Azevedo )

SOFEC designed and constructed an internal permanent turret mooring system for a 283,000 dwt deep-water FPSO installed in the Albacora field in the Campos Basin offshore Brazil. The FPSO is located in 330 mtr water depth. The turret system is designed to accommodate 25 flexible risers in a radial pattern around the turret chain table.  The ten-path swivel stack includes fluid paths for production, oil import and export, gas lift, and water injection. Multi-line swivels provide hydraulic and pneumatic controls. The turret uses an eight leg symmetric catenary wire/chain mooring system.

General Description :
Location:      Albacora Field, Brazil
Client Name:      Petrobras
Contract Award:      February 1996
Installation Date:         September 1998
First Oil:      October 1998
Vessel Type:      FPSO
Vessel Size:      283,000 dwt
Storage Capacity:      1,000,000 bbls
Water Depth:      330m / 1,042ft
Fabrication:      Turret - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Vessel - Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Topsides - Angra Dos Reis, Brazil
Region:      South America

This SOFEC permanent internal turret mooring system is ABS classed.
Articulated Flare Boom for the Petrobras P-31 F.P.S.O

The FPSO PETROBRAS-31 was converted from a VLCC Tanker on a F.P.S.O. The works commenced at VEROLME Shipyard in Angra dos Reis and the vessel was moved to Dry-dock for finishing work at ISHIBRAS Shipyard in Rio de Janeiro. To reach the Shipyard the Rio-Niterói bridge had to be crossed. The gap of the bridge is 65 meters.

The Flare bomm height after assembled was 92 Mtr. The Flare boom was modified with the bottom articu-lated. A winch was installed on the surrauding structure of the Turret, with cables attached to the Flare boom. The Flare boom was then downed and after crossing the bridge put back in the right position and fixed defi-nitively.

The solution saved time, and a lot of money. If the Flare boom had been assembled with a floating crane after the vessel crossed the bridge, it would have taken more time and cost much more.

Name: Petrobras 31
IMO No: 7351800
Ex: Petrobras XXXI-??; Vidal de Negreiros-1986
Built: 05/1974
Type: Tanker
Status: 2002: Converted to FPSO Petrobras 31
Flag: Panama
DWT: 282,822
Draft: 20.81
Builder: Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Ind., Co., Ltd., Kure Yard, Japan (K2375)
GT: 129,391
LOA: 337.12/320.02
Owner: Petrobras, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
NT: 107,082
Beam: 54.54
Speed/Cons: 16.00/177.00
Class: AB
Depth: 27.82
Engine Type: IHI Steam turbines, 29840 kW
Cubic: -