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BW Catcher
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"BW Catcher".
( Photo Copyright BW Offshore )
"BW Catcher", at anchorage for final commissioning before transit to the UK, August 20th, 2017.
( Photo Copyright Steve Baron )
"BW Catcher" outfitting at Keppel, Singapore.
( Photo Copyright BW Offshore )
 "BW Catcher" outfitting at Keppel, Singapore.
( Photo Copyright BW Offshore )

BW Catcher :
Main Contractors
Processing Capacity
Topsides Module Engineering:
Aibel Singapore
Topsides Weight (Dry / Operating)
13,400 Mt / 16,600 Mt
New-Build Hull Engineering:
IHI Japan 
Total Liquids Capacity:
125,000 bpd 
Turret/Swivel Supplier:
APL Norway 
Oil Processing Capacity:
60,000 bpd 
Topsides Module Fabrication:
Dyna-Mac, Singapore 
Gas Handling Capacity:
60 MMscfd 
Fabrication Yard:
Kongsberg, Singapore
Produced Water Capacity:
125,000 bpd 
Fjords Norway 
Water Injection Capacity:
125,000 bpd  
Integration Yard:
Keppel, Singapore 
Available Deck Area for Expansion:
19.9m x 11.9m 
Well Information
Mooring & Offloading Information
Total Wells:
22 (incl. 4 Future) 
Mooring Type:
Internal Turret 
Production Wells:
Permanent or Disconnectable:
Water Injection Wells: 
Mooring Line Pattern:
3 Clusters of 4 Lines 
Tree Installation Type:
Wet Tree 
Anchor Type:
Driven Pile Anchor 
Artifical Lift:
Gas Lift 
Mooring Line Configuration:
Chain + Wire 
Offloading System:
Stern Discharge System, SDS 
Hull Information
Length overall:
240.9 m 
Riser Information
50 m 
Total Risers and Umbilicals:
27 m 
Production Risers:
3 x 6" (+ 1 Future)
Storage Capacity:
106,523 m3 (Cargo) 
Water Injection Risers:
3 x 8" (+1 Future) 
Tank Heating:
Gas Injection Risers:
Max Operating Draft:
18.5 m 
Gas Lift Risers: 
3 x 6"
Hull Construction Type:
Double-Sided &  
Gas Export / Import Risers:
1 x 10" 
Bottom Hull 
3 (+2 Future)
120 Persons 
Conversion or New Build:
New Build 
Accommodation Fabricator:
AMTEC, Japan 
Essential Power Generation
Total Installed Power:
12.68 MW 
 Main Power Generation:
Generator Configuration:
2 x 100% 
Generator Type:
GTG, Solar Titan 130 
11 kV 
Total Installed Power:
43.2 MW 
Power per Generator:
14.4 MW
Emergency Power Generation
Generator Configuration:
3 x 50%
Total Installed Power:
1.65 MW
11 kV
Generator Configuration:
1 x 100%
Oil Processing
Design Total Liquids:
125,000 bpd
Design Oil Flowrate:
60,000 bpd
Inlet Sep. Design Pressure: 
FV / 15 barg
Inlet Sep. Design Temperature:
-15 / 100 C
Materials of Construction:
Vessels (Duplex SS, SS316, CS with Corrosion Allowance), Piping (Duplex SS, CS with Corrosion Allowance)
Design Oil API:
24.9 (Burgman); 26.8 (Varadero); 29.7 to 30.4 (Catcher)
2 Stage Separation with Pre-heat upstream of 1st Stage and Test Separators, and Interstage Heating Upstream
of 2nd Stage Separator. Electrostatic Coalescer. Fiscal Meetering of Offloaded Crude.
Test Separator Capacity:
30,000 bpd of Oil
Gas Handling
Design Flowrate:
60 MMSCFD Export Gas  (Key Specifications: CO2 1.6% mol. H2S 2.5 ppmv, H2O 35 ppmv
Compression Capacity:
Flas Gas Comp 3.0 MMSCFD; Booster Camp 79.6 MMSCFD; Export Gas Comp 66.4 MMSCFD;
Permeate Gas Comp 6.43 MMSCFD
Flash Gas Comp from 2nd tage Separator, Booster Comp from 1st Stage Separator plus FGC Discharge,
Gas Dehydration, CO2 and H2S Removal, Gas Dewpointing, Export Gas Comp, Export /Import Fiscal Metering,
Permeate Gas Comp, Cargo Tank Blanketing with LP Fuel Gas and with Vapour Recovery Unit
Compression Power:
Flash Gas Comp 533 kW;   Booster Comp 9,400 kW; Export Gas Comp 4,730 kW; Permeate Gas Comp 1st
Stage 773 kW; Permeate Gas Comp 2nd Stage 773 kW (All Electric Driven)
Gas Treatment:
Gas Dehydration, TEG Regeneration, CO2 Removal, H2S Removal   
Gas Export Pressure:
150 barg in Export Gas Pipeline 
Gas Lift Pressure:
74 barg (Turndown) to 130 barg (Maximum Flow) at top of Lift Gas Risers
Materials of Construction:
Vessels (Duplex SS, SS316, CS), Piping (Duplex SS, SS316, CS with Corrosion Allowance)
Produced Water
Design Flowrate:
125,000 bpd Treated Produced Water  
Treatment System:
De-oiling Hydrocyclone, and Compact Floatation Unit (CFU)
Disposal Route:
Re-Injection (Can be diverted to Off-Spec Tank or Overboard)
Materials of Construction:
Piping (Duplex SS); Vessels (Duplex SS and Epoxy Lined CS)
Water Injection
Total Water Injection Capacity:
125,000 bpd
Seawater Flowrate:
75,000 bpd Treated Seawater 
Produced Water Flowrate:
125,000 bpd (Without Seawater Injection) 
Seawater Treatment:
Filtration 98% >5?; Max Dissolved Oxygen <10ppb (Vacuum Desorption); Max Sulphate Content 200 mg/l
Pump Discharge Design Pressure:
190 barg 
Pump Normal Operating Pressure:
150 barg at 62,500 bpd Flow per Pump   
Pump Configuration:
3 x 50% 
Materials of Construction:
Vessels (Glass Flake Lined CS, GRE); Pumps (SS316, Duplex SS)   
Seawater Systems Piping Materials 
Firewater System:
GRE / CuNi / Super Duplex  
GRE / Carbon Steel with PE Coating 
Injection Water:
GRE / SS316L / Duplex SS 
Steam Systems
Auxiliary Boilers:
Low Pressure Steam Generator:
Capacity per Boiler:
20 TPH
Heat Duty:
11.2 kW
Steam Generation Pressure:
16 barg
Steam Generation Pressure:
16 barg
Fuel System:
Fuel Gas / MGO

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