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FSO Safer: An Imminent Catastrophe in Waiting  ( Video Animation )
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FSO Safer: An Imminent Catastrophe in Waiting | Holm Akhdar    ( Time : 1 minute and 20 seconds )

The FSO SAFER is one of the world’s largest tankers. It has 1,148 million
 barrels of crude oil onboard. 8 km off the Yemeni coast, the FSO Safer has been moored for 6 years, without maintenance. SAFER’s iron hull was subjected to corrosion and decomposition, operating systems have been disrupted, the fire extinguishing equipment no longer functions
In 2016, Safer’s steam boilers stopped producing inert gas necessary to prevent explosions has broken down. On May 27, 2020, seawater seeped into the engine compartment.
The imminent disaster would badly affect 300 species of coral reefs that covers about 25% of the Yemeni coast. This might cause a major new crisis within the Yemeni humanitarian crisis
The time is ticking. The catastrophe must be avoided before it is too late.
Source : Holm Akhdar