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Attack on the "Barcelona"
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 After the attack on the "Barcelona". During the Iran-lrak-War (1988)
 Tugs fighting the fire on board the "Barcelona".
 The ramains of the "Barcelona".
"Barcelona", destroyed ans sunken.
( Photo Copyright Reinier Meuleman )
 "Barcelona", salvage work..
 "Barcelona", salvage work..
 "Barcelona", salvage work..(a bit damaged photo )

Information from Capt's José Luis Díaz Campa & Amador Méndez Fernández.
On 30.06.81:
 Beached in psn 26-59N 050-21E when a ballast valve failed after she completed the loading
operations at Juaymah Terminal.
On 08.07.81:
On 14.05.88:
Attacked and set on fire by at least five bombs dropped by two Iraqi Mirage F1 warplanes when she was
in the process of loading crude oil from the SEAWISE GIANT at Larak Island. At the time of the attack
she had taken on 140000 tons. To prevent her from sinking, the BARCELONA had to be beached by the
bow. Four crewmem were reported to have lost their lives, but al least 26 were reported to have survived.
As a result of the attack the largest vessel in the world, the 564739 dwt SEAWISE GIANT, sustained
extensive damage. Cyprus tanker ARGOSY and British tanker BURMAH ENDEAVOUR were also
On 17.05.88:
An massive explosion occured in an oil tank, probably caused by an unexploded bomb. The BARCELONA
again erupted into flames. The tug SCAN PARTNER catch fire and sank with the loss of her five crew mem-
bers. Two crew members from the tug FERDINAND VERBIEST were also blown off their vessel and were
killed. Two other tugs, the SAFIR and BEAUFORT also sustained damage.
Sold to shipbreakers in two sections. The forepart was towed to Gadani Beach in December 1989. The aft-
part was towed to Umm al Qaiwain, then to Alang in December 1990.

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