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Yuan Rui Yang
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"Yuan Rui Yang", location and date unknown.
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"Yuan Rui Yang", at the Dalian Shipyard, Dalian, China.
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"Yuan Rui Yang", on the main deck 2 LNG tanks.
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"Yuan Rui Yang", on the main deck 2 LNG tanks.
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The world's first LNG dual-fuel tanker delivered to COSCO Shipping
Style;Seetao 2022-03-01

On February 28, 2022, COSCO SHIPPING Energy officially joined the world's first LNG dual-fuel very large crude carrier (VLCC) "Yuan Rui Yang", and the ship handover ceremony was held at DSIC, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation. The delivery of this vessel marks that COSCO SHIPPING has taken the lead in the application of green, environmental protection and energy-saving technologies for large oil tankers. The implementation of the "Carbon Peak" goal has played a positive role in demonstration and leadership and is of milestone significance.

The "Yuan Rui Yang" construction project is a beacon project for COSCO SHIPPING to implement green and sustainable development. The ship was designed and built by DSIC, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation. It uses two independently developed C-type 3500 cubic meters of low-temperature storage tanks, and has completely independent intellectual property rights.
Different from traditional oil tankers, when using LNG as the ship's power source, the "Yuan Rui Yang" ship will reduce carbon emissions by about 20% compared with ordinary ships' fuel oil, sulfur emissions can be reduced by more than 95%, and nitrogen oxide emissions meet IMO Tier III standards. Meet the requirements of the third stage of the ship energy efficiency design index in advance (EEDI Phase III, which will be implemented from January 1, 2025).

In the application of LNG fuel, the "Yuan Rui Yang" can switch freely between LNG and fuel oil. Under the conditions of design draft and service speed of 15 knots, the LNG endurance can reach 12,000 nautical miles, and LNG fuel can be used for the entire voyage from the Middle East to the Far East. The combined range of LNG and fuel oil is 24,000 nautical miles.
COSCO SHIPPING Energy, together with DSIC and China Classification Society, has promoted a breakthrough in the integrated development of LNG dual-fuel ships and the LNG industry chain, realized the coordinated development of upstream and downstream supply chain value, and opened up a clear path for the green development of the shipping industry.

In the future, COSCO SHIPPING Energy will pay close attention to the goals and requirements of emission reduction in international shipping, strengthen the research on emission reduction paths, and take the opportunity of successfully connecting to the "Yuan Rui Yang" ship to invest in new energy shipbuilding projects, industrial chain investment, fuel security, Conscientiously carry out research and implementation in safety management, crew training, etc., further improve the operating experience of LNG dual-fuel ships, and continuously optimize the safety management system that is more in line with the operation of green and low-carbon ships, etc., for the research and development, promotion and application of low-carbon fuel ship technology provide assurance.

The total designed length is 333 meters, the width is 60 meters, and the depth is 30.5 meters; LNG is used as the main fuel, equipped with LNG dual-fuel main engine, generator, and boiler; it is classified into CCS single class and awarded the Natural Gas Fuel notation; it meets the energy efficiency design of ships The requirements of the third stage of the index (EEDI Phase III) and nitrogen oxide emissions meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization NOx Tier III; the highlight is the LNG gas storage system - the LNG gas storage system adopts the C-type storage tank design, with one on each side of the starboard. The LNG filling station with the C-type 3500 cubic meters LNG cryogenic storage tank as the main body, the filling rate is 1500 cubic meters per hour, which is convenient for the shipowners to refuel.
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