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Marticia (2)
Building of the "Marticia (2)"
TT Marticia
Tanker, yarnumber 537, 1970. Builder, Nederlandse Dok- & Scheepsbouw Maatschappij, Amsterdam, Holland.
Client : Shell Tankers U.K. Ltd. Londen, United Kingdom.
Dimensions: 325.30 x 47.17 x 24.50 meter.
Summer draught: 18.99 meters. Load capacity: 213,360 tons. Content loading tanks: 249,208 m³. Content permanent ballast
tanks: 36973 m³. Sea trails at summer draught and max speed. Power 15.4 nautical miles. Turbine installation: a high and
a low pressure turbine in heat-stable Atlantic Laval, type APG 36/27. Max. continuous power 28000 APK at 86 RPM Main
boiler: NDSM-Babcock "Marine Radiant" steam boiler. Max. steam output of 100 tons/hour, normal steam output 85 tons/hour.
Overheater exhaust pressure: 62 kp/cm ². Temp. at overhitter exhaust: 515 ° C. Accommodation: 45 people.
On February 28th,1970 the aft-ship was launched by the doughter of the secretaris of the Works Council, Mrs Nina Dirksen,
by the push of a button the aft ship and, like the bow on May 16th,1970, this happened from slip way 2/3.  After uniting for
and aft, which took place on July 17th, 1970, the christening,was performed by Mrs E.A.J. Werner-Asmussen, wife of the
Director of N.V. Koninklijke Nederlandsche Petroleum Maatschappij. The handing over was on August 1th, 1970.

The stern on the slope.
Aft ship.
Foreship in the initial phase.
The moment when the bow is launched, see bow wave.
The bow is launched. Why not a half ship doesn't sinks, is answered here.
The locks at IJmuiden. Not much room in the locks.