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Nepco Bahamas
Building & Launch "Nepco Bahamas"

TT "Nepco Bahamas".
Tanker, bouwnummer 872, 1975.
Client : Antco Shipping Company Ltd. Freeport, Grand Bahama for Nepco Bahamas Corporation, New York, USA.
( Nepco = New England Petroleum Corporation en gevestigd op de Bahamas ).
On April 4th 1975, at 10:00, the aft ship was launched by Miss G. of Hartingsveld, executive secretary at the NDSM.
Mrs. flowers were received from Mrs. van der Meer, wife of Ir. J. van der Meer, member of the Executive Board and head of the division RSV build / Offshore.
On June 28th 1975, at 10:00, The Fore ship was launched by Mrs. MC Overman-Meijer, wife of NDSM employee J.J. Overman.
The baptism was performed on September 12th 1975 by Mrs. Margaret Hunter, wife of one of the senior vice presidents of the Nepco Bahamas Corporation.
The preserved plate that was located in the keel section.
The guests are on April 26th 1975 ready for the launch of the Aft ship.
Fore ship, before launch.
The bow seen from the air on the way 2/3
The Nepco Bahamas for the Crane runway after pairing.
The two halves can be distinguished here.
The last phase of the construction in Amsterdam.
The detachment of the Crane runway which left in the picture just to see.
Again, the exciting time during the passing of the Hembridge.
Here is good to see how little space was left in the locks at IJmuiden.