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Building the "Schelderix"
All photos thanks to NDSM-Werfmuseum

TT "Schelderix"
Tanker, yardnumber 884, 1977.
Client: R.H.S.V. Schelderix BV, Rotterdam.
Dimensions: 348,00 x 48.68 x 25,60 meter.
2 x Verolme/General Electric steamturbines, type 31.650 AHK/23,221 kW, built bij Verolme, IJselmonde.
Launch Aft ship on 29-10-1977, by Mrs. van Horssen.
Christening by Mrs. M. batenburg-Hartman after both parts were coupled on 07-01-1978.
Delivery in February 24th, 1978.
Ticket for visiting the ship, after the Christening.
"Schelderix" on its way to the see, for the first time.
"Schelderix" passes the former Hembrug in the Nortsea canal to IJmuiden and the Nordsea.
Succes full passage trough the bridge.
"Schelderix" passes the locks at IJmuiden, to the Nortsea.
"Schelderix" from the locks at IJmuiden, to the Nortsea.