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British Emerald
"British Emerald".
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"British Emerald".
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"British Emerald".
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"British Emerald".
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"British Emerald".
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British Emerald
Type: Gas Carrier
Lenght: 288 mtr
Beam: 44.2 mtr
Draft: 26 mtr
Speed: 20 knots
The largest vessel that is carrying LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) definitely is one of the most beautiful technical outfit built ever. It is part from the fleet of BP Shipping, but it was built is South Korea in the shipyard of Hyundai Heavy Industries. This ship is the first from the series of diesel-electric gas vessels with dual-fuel (DFDE). It was planned for the shipowner and will give a new movement into LNG carriers.
The vessel is combining a economic and operational factors in some great correlation, which is making this vessel very important and very good for the ship-owner and even for the whole shipping industry. The power system is con-sisted by main engine, which is giving almost the whole power for the moving of this vessel. The innovations for the power systems are making this vessel unique. The power is well controlled by electric propulsion system, the system Ecobot and some other control systems. All this is building one engine that is giving enough electricity for the whole ship and for the tanks. The heart of the new DFDE is the Ecobot system, which is using LNG gas that evaporates from the tanks during the transportation, to fuel the main power engine. The main engine work pretty good with gas and heavy fuel oil, only depends from the situation. The new DFDE system is nearly 2 - 4% more expensive than the other older one, but it is with more than 10% more effective.
The vessel British Emerald is the largest ever built LNG Carrier. The ship can carry 155,000 cubic meters natural gas. Its measurements are 288 mtr length and 44.2 mtr breadth. The depth of British Emerald is 26 mtr. The speed that the vessel use for crossing is 20 knots, and the maximum speed is about 23 knots.

Name: British Emerald
IMO No: 9333591
Built: 06/2007
Type: LNG Carrier
Status: In Service
SubType: LNG liquefied gas tanker, Ship Type 2G, methane (LNG) in membrane tanks,
max. vapour pressure 0.25 bar, min. temp. minus 163 degree C
Flag: Island of Man (UK)
CBM: 155.000
DWT: -
Draft: -
Builder: Hyundai Heavy Industries, S. Korea (1777)
GT: 102,064
LOA: -/-
Owner: BP Amoco Shipping London - U.K.
NT: -
Beam: -
Speed/Cons: 19.5/-
Class: LR
Depth: -
Engine Type: Steam turbines, 54250 SHP