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All photos by Rick Hutchison.
"Companion" at night. Setenav drydock, Setubal, Portugal. August 1994.
"Companion" bow. This class of vessel did not have a bulbous bow like most other ships being built at the same time.
"Companion" in Drydock.
"Companion" rear end. Vessel had not yet been repainted since being renamed Companion,
so you can still see the old name (Hansa Vega) on the stern.
"Companion" propeller. Ship’s Deck Cadet is standing on the propeller shaft to show size of propeller blades.
"Companion" rudder and propeller.
"Companion" under the propeller. Looking at propeller from directly underneath.
"Companion"  boiler platform. Looking at the engineroom from above the Control Room. In the centre
is the Boiler local gauge board. The silver corrugated shells of the main boilers can be seen behind.
"Companion" inside the boiler. Looking up at the 3 roof-firing burners from inside the Main Boiler furnace.
The water tubes forming the ‘membrane wall’ heating surface are shaped around the burner openings.
"Companion" main engine. Looking down onto the “Stal Laval” main engine. Looking from aft to forward.
Gearbox in foreground, HP turbine on right. On the left is the LP turbine with the Main Condenser directly
attached to it’s forward end.
All photos by Rick Hutchison.