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Tanker sizes, ( Crude Tanker Category )

55,000 -   79,999 DWT
Panamax Crude Carrier
80,000 - 119,000 DWT
Aframax Crude Carrier
120,000 - 199,999 DWT
Suezmax Crude Carrier
200,000 -  319,999 DWT
VLCC ( Very Large Crude Carrier )
320,000 DWT & above
ULCC ( Ultra Large Crude Carrier )

Because of their huge sizes these vessels have been almost exclusively only used for the carriage of crude oils.
Only the smallest of this category has carried any type of refined products. Several of these ULCC classed vessels
are over 400,000 and the biggest of these ships had a deadweight of 564,939 tons.

Note :
All the VLCC- & ULCC-tankers of the Esso & Mobil Companies, can be found on their actual Esso site's.
( See Home Page for that URLL )

Photo's special thanks to :

Alberto Blanco, Andrew Fletcher, Anne Niemantsverdriet, Saudi Aramco World / PADIA, Bent Mikkelsen, Bob Hossack, Charles Loughlin,
Christos Leounikis, Edwin van Werd, Dag Bjerke, Darijan Sclaunich, Darren Green, David Skee, David Waller, DDGHANSA & his Grandfather,
Didier Pinçon, Ed Keefe, Edson de Lima Lucas, Eric Houri, Gaspar-Luis Prieto, Geert Mast, Gilbert Cailler, Ferry Ton, Frans Caspers, Frans Sanderse,
Hans L. Lott, Hein Hinrichs, Hervé Cozanet, Honza Plener, Huib Trommel, Ian Thomas, Ilhan Kermen, Ivo Balic, Jack Steeghs, Jan Ove Mühlpforte,
Jan Goedhart, Jan Tiedemann, Jérôme Billard, Jim Gallacher, John Jones, John Curdy, Jorgen Lonn, Jörg Seyler, John Spooner,
lappino, Julian Lelliott, Gérard Né, Kees Helder, Ivan Meshkov, Kevin Moore, Koos Los, Letterio Tomasello, Maik Ebel, Martin Taylor,
Markus Berger, Maurice Scholten, Morten Bjørndalen, Niels Eyde Hansen, Oliver Vitré, Patrick Hill, Peet de Rouw,
Peter Clisby, Piero Corona, Pieter Melissen, Ragnar Foss, Ragnar Iversen, Renier van de Wetering, Richard Gohier,
Rick Hutchison, Rick Vince, Scott Robertson, Steve Kelly, Steve Nilas, Harry Stott, Ted Witwicki, Thomas Bruns, Thomas Lissner,
Thomas Lützenkirchen, Toby Young, Tony Atkinson, Ulf Harrison, Yves Teut, Yvon Perchoc & Zeljko Pavicin.
Also specila thanks to : Pieter Melissen, for all his old and new photographs.
Also thanks to Jan Lassen for photos from his site ; ( )
Thanks also to : Maritime Photo,Bjørn Ottosen (Norway), ( )
Thanks also to : Shipphoto (Japan), ( )
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Additional information thanks to :

The Miramar Ship Index    ( The most comprehensive index of ships and their histories )
Equasis, Ian Thomas, Jan Nicolay Jansen, Mats E. Sæther, MSF Fotografie, Almelo, Holland,
Nippom Kkaiji Kyokai ( Class NK ), Q88, Richard H. Davies, Tankerworld & Varvshistoriska Föreningen i Göteborg.

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