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Mystery - Tankers or Bulkers
When I have a picture of a ship, where I don't know the name of it, or other information, then it will appear here.
If you have information of that ship, then please E-mail to me for that information.  ( )

"PICO VI", unfortunatel we do have no further info about her. the photograph must be taken in the early 30-ties at the Klybeck Quay in Basel.
Any information greatly welcome. She was maybe a Rosslau built sister of the "PICO III" ? PICO III became later the Lloyd owned BLAUEN.

PHOTO  2:    
One of the in Sweden built tankers laid up in a Norwegian Fjord.
Which one ???  Maybe Sea Serenade ?
Thomas Dore, wrote to me :
Dear Auke,
I have just hade my daily visit to you excellent website where i can find several vessels that I have worked on.
30 years at sea on mainly ULCC steam turbines and the last 5 years on LNG steam turbine on the old generation.
LNG Bonny and LNG Finima. I have been sailing on several og the Kockums (Sweden) built ULCC for Swedish
former owner Salen. On the pic 2 of Mystery tankers I belive that this is one of the last series built for Norwegian
owner Simonssen. The vessels were delivered but payment was canceled and the vessels were taken over by
the Swedish state controlled shipping owner Zenit. This must be T/T Vanja or T/T Welma. They had the typical
cockpit bridge design. The only two of 21 built 357 000 Dwt. The later became JUNO and KRAKA.

PHOTO 3 :   ( Almost Solved !! )
Here another tanker, photo probably taken while she was renamed.
( Photo thanks to Gerald Smrsch )
Mats Saether wrote to me : is one of the 208.000 dwt early VLCCs under construction at HDW in Kiel.
She is seen exiting the dock. I assume the photo is taken from the top of the gantry crane.
I believe it is perhaps “Texaco Europe“, “Texaco North America” or a sister. The Shell tankers built there in the
same period did not have the two light towers on the deck between the front mast and the manifold.
Notice the TEXACO name on the hull !
( Photo thanks to Mats Saether )

Unknown tanker at Kharg Island. Anyone ????

Unknown tanker at Kharg Island. Anyone ????
Niels Kleis Frederiksen wrote to me :
No 8 shows a row of tankers at Mina al Ahmadi rather than Kharg. The nearest one in typically weird Mobil livery is Al Haramain (judging from color, length af name,
obviously Sumitomo design). It was originally Mobil Supplier and later became Saudi Splendour.
Stephane wrote to me : PHOTO 8: I’d say: AL HARAMAIN: 280578 DWT LOA 341.28 METERS Launched in 1975 and renamed SAUDI SPLENDOUR after 1987

Unknown tanker at Kharg Island. Anyone ????

Unknown tanker at Kharg Island. Anyone ????