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Golden Stream

"Golden Stream".
( Copyright reserved )
"Golden Stream".
( Photo by Danny C. )
"Golden Stream", anchored off Mina al Ahmadi, Kuwait - 17th Dec.1995.
( Photo by John Spooner )
"Golden Stream", accomodation block.
( Photo by John Spooner )

Name: Golden Stream
IMO No: 9083964
Built: 3/1995
Type: Tanker
Status: In Service
SubType: Crude
Flag: Panama
DWT: 275,616
Draft: 20.47
Builder: Hitachi Zosen, Ariake Yard, Japan (5688)
GT: 144,149
LOA: 326.19
Owner: Golden Ocean Management
NT: 90,.277
Beam: 56.64
Speed/Cons: 14.90/-
Class: NV
Depth: 28.60
Engine Type: Burmeister & Wain
Cubic: 312,173

CARGO HANDLING: 3 Cargo Separations, 6 Centre Tanks with a capacity of 188,099 cu.m.,
6 Wing Tanks with a capacity of 118,201 cu.m., 4 Cargo Manifolds, Stern Discharge, Cargo
connections have diameters of 26 inches, Manifold height above deck of 2.10 m., Distance
from bow to centre manifold is 165.36 m., 3 Centrifugal Pump(s) in 1 Pumproom(s), Maximum
operating capacity of cargo pumps is 16,200 t/hr, Steel cargo lines, Crude Oil Washing,
Fixed Cleaning.

John Spooner wrote : A few of my photos of Golden Stream [17-12-95 to 16-4-96] &
Golden Fountain [23-6-96 to 8-11-96] - dates are when I was onboard.
Thome Shipmanagement Singapore were operating these 2 when I worked for them in 1995-6.
Golden Stream was on time charter to K-Line & always did Arabian Gulf to Japan.
Golden Fountain was on time charter to a European company & did much more interesting runs -
Arabian Gulf to Caribbean - Nigeria to India - Arabian Gulf to Philippines - AG to S. Korea.
These were near new motor ships with European [Norwegian] Ch.Eng. & Master
+ Philippino Officers & crew.