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Formosapetro Discovery
See also : Xing Ping Yan

 "Formosapetro Discovery".
( Copyright reserved )
"Formosapetro Discovery".
( Photo by Zeljko Pavicin )
"Formosapetro Discovery".
( Photo by Zeljko Pavicin )
"Formosapetro Discovery".
( Photo by Zeljko Pavicin )
"Formosapetro Discovery".
( Copyright reserved )
( Photo by Zeljko Pavicin )
These photos above where taken during lightering from VLCC "Formosapetro Discovery" to "Eagle Toledo".
Photos taken on March, 29, 30 and 31, 2004, offshore Galveston.
"Formosapetro Discovery".
( Copyright reserved )
"Formosapetro Discovery".
( Copyright reserved )
"Formosapetro Discovery".
( Copyright reserved )

Name: Formosapetro Discovery
IMO No: 9198329
Built: 9/2001
Type: Tanker
Status: In Service 2006 as Xing Ping Yan
SubType: Crude
Flag: Panama
DWT: 260,000
Draft: 20.42
Builder: Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Ind., Co., Ltd., Kure Yard, Japan (3128)
GT: 149,274
LOA: 330.00/313.60
Owner: Formosa Plastics
NT: 90,656
Beam: 60.00
Speed/Cons: 15.0/75.4
Class: AB
Depth: 28.90
Engine Type: DU-Sulzer 7RTA84T, 22680 kW at 63.0 RPM
Cubic: 328,458

- Superior economical property on both world wide trade and Persian Gulf - Far East trade with its cargo
loadability at shallow draft condition
- Optimized arrangement of cargo tanks, ballast tanks and other compartments, and remarkably small gross
tonnage in result
- Reliable hull structure designed by advanced structural analysis technology
- Well considered structure and fi ttings of double hull water ballast tanks for easy inspection, gas detection,
inerting and ventilation
- Over 15 knots service speed achieved by low resistant IHI proprietary hull form 7 cylinders super long stroke
diesel engine
- Economical electric power generating in sea going condition by diesel generators
- Centralized fresh water cooling system for main propulsion and auxiliary machinery, achieving longer
life, less maintenance and easy operation
- Integrated bridge system and all around good visibility from navigation bridge

SHIPYARD: IHI Kure Shipyard
DELIVERY: September 27, 2001
FLAG: Panama
CLASSIFICATION: American Bureau of Shipping

Length (o.a.) 330.00 m
Length (b.p.) 316.60 m
Breadth (mld.) 60.00 m
Depth (mld.) 28.90 m
Assigned Draught (ext.) 20.428 m
Deadweight 281,434 MT
Gross Tonnage 149,274
Cargo Oil Tanks (100% full) 328,458 m3
Water Ballast Tanks (100% full) 101,493 m3
Heavy Fuel Oil Tanks (100% full) 6,830 m3
Main Engine DU-Sulzer 7RTA84T 1 set
MCR: 22,680 kW x 63.0 rpm
NOR: 18,130 kW x 58.5 rpm
Propeller 5-blades solid, Ni-Al-Bronze 1 set
Electric Generator
Diesel generator: 930 kW x AC450 V 3 sets
Steam Generating Plant
Auxiliary boiler: 79.0 t/h 1 set
Exhaust gas economizer: 2.4 t/h 1 set
Service Speed 15.0 kt
Fuel Oil Consumption 75.4 t/day
Cruising Range 27,500 nm
Cargo Handling System
Segregation: 3 groups
Main cargo pump: Turbo-centrifugal, 5,000 m3 /h 3 sets
Tank cleaning pump:Turbo-centrifugal, 2,400 m3 /h 1 set
Stripping & bilge pump: Steam duplex, 300 m3 /h 1 set
Cargo stripping eductor: 900 m3 /h 2 sets
Cargo piping: 3 -main lines and 1 -stripping line
Ballast System
Ballast pump: Electro-centrifugal, 3,000 m3 /h 2 sets
Ballast stripping eductor: 400 m3 /h 2 sets
Ballast piping: Ring main line
Remote Control and Indication
Pump control: Remote speed control for main cargo pumps, ballast pump, tank cleaning pump, stripping & bilge pump
Valve control: Hydraulic remote control for suction valves in tanks and essential valves in pump room
Level indication: Radar type remote reading level gauge for cargo oil tanks and fuel oil tanks, and pneumatic
type remote reading level gauge for water ballast tanks
Deck Machinery
Windlass combined with mooring winch:
Electro-hydraulic, 590 kN / 196 kN 2 sets
Mooring winch: Electro-hydraulic, 196kN 8 sets
Hose handling crane: Electro-hydraulic, 20 t 2 sets
7 tiers deck house for complement of 30 persons
Radio Equipment
GMDSS for the area A1, A2 and A3
Navigational Equipment
Integrated bridge system with ECDIS, and navigation display
Bottom: Epoxy universal anti-corrosive paint and epoxy top side paint
Topside: Epoxy universal anti-corrosive paint and epoxy top side paint
Weather Deck: Universal primer paint and epoxy deck paint
Water ballast tank: Tar epoxy paint
Slop tank: Tar epoxy paint
Cargo oil tank: Tank bottom Tar epoxy paint
Except above No coating