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Film Tanker Amoco Viginia Ablaze
Short film of the :
Amoco Virginia on fire at Houston.

The following movie can be seen on YouTube ;

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Tanker Amoco Virginia on fire

Film thanks to British Pathe Limited.

Houston, Texas, United States of America (USA), on Sunday, November 8th, 1959

Various L/S oil tanker "Amoco Virginia" ablaze at the dockside.
M/S firemen silhouetted against the flames.
L/S pylon with a hose on the top plying foam onto the flames.
M/S fireman in heat proof clothing walking towards the fire.
Elevated shot blazing tanker with thick black smoke arising from it.
L/S firemen milling around.
Aerial shot showing hoses being played onto the fire.
C/U firemen covered in foam playing their hoses onto the tanker.
L/S tanker with flames and smoke rising from it. M/S firemen on the dockside playing hoses onto the tanker.
Panning C/U firemen covered in foam walking away from the fire.
L/S flames and smoke rising from the tank.
Elevated shot tanker burning at the quayside showing the gasoline tanks nearby.