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Tankers (1950-1959)
Esso Newcastle (1) - (1950-1955)
Build as "Robert F. Hand" in 1933 for the Baltisch-Amerikanische Petroleum Import Gmbh.
Sold to Anglo American Oil Co. in 1933, not renamed.
"Robert F. Hand" was build in 1933 and was renamed as "Esso Newcastle" in 1950.
Sold and coverted to a ore carrier and renamed "Alexander" in 1955.
Sold again in 1957 as "Oligisto".
Sold again in 1961 as "Italsider".
Sold for breaking up in 1966 at Vado.
"Esso Newcastle".
"Esso Newcastle".
"Esso Newcastle".
"Esso Newcastle".
 "Oligisto", ex. "Alexander", ex. "Esso Newcastle" on the Orinoco River 1958.

Additional Info by Starke & Schell Registers :

ROBERT F. HAND - 1933   DZ   2M (aft)     (12)
12,197 GRT for Baltisch-Amerikanische Petroleum Import G.m.b.H., Danzig,  522.5 x 70.3
Tanker built by Frd. Krupp Germaniawerft A.G., Kiel,  (10),  #518                         
1933 - Anglo-American Oil Co., Ltd., London, BR    163409
1950 - ESSO NEWCASTLE, Esso Petroleum Co., Ltd., London
1955 - ALEXANDER   Cia. de Navegacion Alexander, S.A., Panama, [Soc. Attivita Ind. Comerciale Appalti, Genoa], PA
          converted to ore carrier,  8,499 grt
1957 - OLIGISTO, "Cornigliano" S.p.A. & Ilva Alti Forni e Acciaiere d'Italia S.p.A., Genoa, IT,  3102
     ("Sidermar", S.p.A., mgrs.)
1961 - "Italsider", Acciaierie Riunite Ilva e Cornigliano S.p.A. (s/m), Genoa
Broken up at Vado Ligure 3rd quarter 1967 - scrapping reported as early as 5.66.