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Tankers (1920-1929)
Allegheny - (1921-1962)
"Allegheny" was build in 1921.
"Allegheny", an esturial and river vessel
7.1921, 822 GTons Build by J. Crichton & Co., Ltd., Connah's Quay, nr. Chester.
Measurements: 200 Feet length X 32 Feet breadth
Engines: T3Cyl-Aft.
6.1962: Scrapped Boom, Belgium.

Additional Information from the Starke & Schell Ships-registers ;
1921 - ALLEGHENY    BR,  1T (aft)   (8)
822 GRT for Anglo-American Oil Co., Ltd., Liverpool  200.4 x 32.5
Tanker build by J. Crichton & Co., Ltd., Connah's Quay,   (7)    #322   145858
1952 - Esso Petroleum Co., Ltd., Liverpool
Broken up at Boom, June 1962

The "Allegheny" was launched from her builders' yard on 12th April, 1921, the largest vessel and first oil-burning steamer
constructed on the River Dee. She was then towed to the builders' fitting-out dock at Saltney, where her propelling machines
was placed aboard and the ship made ready for sea.