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British Purpose (1)
Christening ceremony of the "British Purpose (1)"
TT British Purpose
Tanker, yardnumber 846, 1973
Client: The British Petroleum Company, Ltd. Londen , Engeland.
The stern was launchedby Mrs. J.S. Rix whopushed on the button for the signal to launch.
The bow followed, also from way 2/3, on 13-10-1973, and this was done by pressing the button by Mrs. Janeway, wife of a B.P. Officer.
On 15-01-1974 the christening was performed by Mrs. marion Adams. Arendina de Jong had the honor to act as flower girl.
The delivery took place on 18-03-1974.
On 15-01-1974 the christening of the "British Purpose".
"British Purpose" at the locks of IJmuiden, to sea for seatrails.
"British Purpose" at sea for seatrails.