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Jahre Viking
Several films - Jahre Viking
Thanks to Jullian Lelliott

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Jeremy takes a tour around the Jahre Viking, the biggest moving man made object on the planet whilst it travels around the Cape of Good hope of the coast of Southern Africa. Vintage Clarkson and mind blowing statisn in this auto review from the BBC show 'Jeremy Clarksons Extreme Machines'.

Joining at Suez southbound for loading in the Gulf. This trip to finish Special Survey started on previous ballast trip from Aruba to Gulf via Cape Town. Date is mid 2001. As she is now going for scrap this shows her on the move. Was somewhat windy at times in the canal.

Joining JV at Aruba for start of special survey. Going to PG via the Cape. Second trip to finish was Suez to Gulf. This second trip was at full sea speed as she had loading orders.

General view of what happens on deck during tank cleaning operations in preparation for special survey.