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Burmah Endeavour
Burmah Enterprise history from my amateur radio logs and from Lloyds Indexes
Richard Jolliffe wrote to me :

I wrote for myself a Cewe Photobook about VLCCs and included the Burmah Enterprise history from my amateur radio logs and from Lloyds Indexes.

Appendix A – Burmah Enterprise.

My Burmah Enterprise log.
I did one and a half voyages on the Burmah Enterprise. This is my diary from my Amateur Radio Log.

21.12.1980 joined ss Burmah Enterprise. Onboard 21.12.1980 Capetown by helicopter.
22.12.1980 noon 34.47S 22.01E 10.08 knts 22.5c WNW4.
23.12.1980 off Port Elizabeth. 25.12.1980 off Durban. 26.12.1980 noon 25.48S 37.02E 13.61 knos 28.5c.
27.12.1980 noon 21.09S 40.45E 14.5 knots E3 29c. 28.12.1980 noon 15.49S 43.24E 14.79 knots 27.5C.
29.12.1980 noon 10.18S 45.32E 14.75 knots  NNE3 28c. 30.12.1980 noon 04.54S 47.55E 14.75knots N2 29c.
31.12.1980 noon 00.08N 50.17E 13.92 knots NNE4. 01.01.1981 off Somalia.
02.01.1981 noon off Socotra 10.30N 54.45E 14.09 knots. 03.01.1981 noon 15.33N 57.06E 26C.
04.01.1981 noon near Masirah 24C 14.54 knots. 20,53N 55.33E.
05.01.1981 anchored Khor Fakkan, United Arab Emirates. 07.01.1981 left Khor Fakkan for Ras Tanura.
09.01.1981 arrived Juyamah Ras Tanura 0300z. 11.01.1981 sailed Juaymah Ras Tanura 0000z bound Sweden.
12.01.1981 in Gulf of Oman. ESE5. 12.01.1981 1800 off Muscat. 11333 miles to go 423 done 22C 1019 MB.
13.01.1981 noon 09z nr Masirah. 20.37N 59.18E 14.83 knots SE5 23C. 10977 miles to go. 779 done.
14.01.1981 noon 15.11N 56.31E 15.125k 25C 1017 MB ESE3. Slight sea. 1142m done 10614 to go.
15.01.1981 noon 09.49N 53.44E 25C 1016MB 14.74k 1503 miles done 10253 to go NE/N4.
16.01.1981 noon 04.20N 51.03E 16.25 knots NE5 36C 3190 miles done 9887 to go.
17.01.1981 noon 01.22S 48.50E 15.29 knots NE/E4 27C 1014MB 2236 miles done 2823 to Capetown.
18.01.1981 noon 06.44S 46.06E 15.125 knots Var3/4 28C 1014MB 2463 to Capetown. 9160 to go.
19.01.1981 0900z off Grand Comore. Noon 11.22S 42.40E 1013MB 14.875k 8819m to go 2956m done.
20.01.1979 noon 09z 17.17S 40.15E 15.79 knots 29C 1011MB 8437 to go 3335 miles done. Sunny Wx.
21.01.1981 noon 09z 22.43S 36.50E 15.79 knots 1013mb Var1 31C 3714m done 8053m to go.
22.01.1981 noon 28.22S 33.07E Var2/3 1014mb 29C 4109 miles done 966 to Capetown 7658 to go.
23.01.1979 10z 30mS E London. Noon 33.27S 28.06E 16.75k Froce7 rough. 1007mb. 4511m done 7257 to go.
24.01.1981 05z off Mossel Bay Noon 35.1S 21.36E 14.375k SE5/6 rain 17C 1012mb 4856m done 6912 to go.
25.01.1981 0100z Capetown Helicopter. Wx Force 8/9 very bad.
25.01.1981 noon rain force 7/8 32.26S 16.55E 14.375 knots 20C 1020 mbs 5201 miles done.
26.01.1991 noon 10z 27.38S 12.44E 15.29 knots S6 19C 1016MB 5568 miles one 6212 to go.
27.01.1981 noon 11z 22.45S 08.33E 14.84 knots SW3/4 22c 1018mb overcast 5939m done 5841 to go.
28.01.1981 noon 17.51S 04.18E 15.16 knots SE3 1017MB.
29.01.1981 noon 12z 13.04S 00.29E 15.08 knts 22C SE3 1016mb overcast 5100m to go 6680 done.
30.01.1981 noon 12z 08.35S 03.05W 14.25 knots ESE2 25C 1015MB sunny 4759 miles to go 7022 done.
31.01.1981 noon 04.27S 06.23W 13.21 knots SE33 28c sunny 1015mb 7339 miles done 4444 to go.
01.02.1981 noon 00.23S 09.34W 12.92 knots SE3 27C 1013mb sunny 7649 miles done 4133 to.
02.02.1981 noon 13z 04.15N 12.51W 13.64 knots SE2 28C 1012mb Sunny Morning Cloudy PM.

My Burmah Enterprise log. (continued)

03.02.1981 noon 13z 08.28N 16.01W 13.17 knots 28C 1012mb 3476 miles to go 8306 done. Misty cold windy.
03.02.1981 cabin rebuild! Bed did not meet UK rules and was widened.
04.02.1981 noon 13z 12.55N 18.03W 12.75 knots 8612 miles done 3169 to go Hazy NW5 miserable wx.
04.02.1981 off Dakar. 05.02.1981 Chinese New Year.
05.02.1981 13Z noon 17.48N 18.02W 12.21 knots N6 18C 1016mb 8905 miles done 2876 to go. Sunny Hazy.
06.02.1981 noon 13z 22.45N 17.31W 12.54k N6 17C 1018mb Sunny cool wind. 9206 miles done.2575 to go.
07.02.1981 noon 13z 27.59N 15.58W 13.54 knots NE5 16C 1020mb 9531 miles done 2250 to go. Sunny Windy.
08.02.1981 noon 33.13N 14.00W 13.75 knots NE4 17C 0124mb 1921 miles to go. 9861 done.Calm ocast. Z-1.
09.02.1981 noon 38.29N 12.00W 13.96 knots rain gale. 1025mb. 10196 miles done 1510 to go.
10.02.1981 noon 13z 42.00N 10.23W 9.33 knots N6 12C 1026mb 1366 miles to go 10420 miles done. Sunny.
11.02.1981 noon 12z 46.41N 10.03W 12.56 knots NE7 sunny 1030mb 1372 miles to go 10709 done.
12.02.1981 09z near Skelling Islands. Noon 52.07N 11.00W 13.67k var5/6 10c 1002mb 11037 done 1044 to go.
13.02.1981 12z noon near Barra Island, 5706N 09.19W 12.71 knots Var 2/3 9C 1018 mb. 11342 80m to go.
14.02.1981 08z 10 miles north Ronaldsway Lighthouse. 10z S of Fair Isle. Sunny 6C Mod winds and sea.
14.02.1981 noon 59.07N 00.51W 14.375 kns SW4 7C 1019mb. 345 m today. 11687 done 403 to go.
15.02.1981 11z in Skaggerack. Noon 57.55N 0856W 14.48k SW3 very sunny 6C 1019mb 73/12020 miles.
15.02.1981 2000z off Nrojfjorden Sweden. Thick fog. 16.02.1981 situation the same.
17.02.1981 0700z docked Brofjorden. 19.02.1981 1500z sailed Brjfjorden –2C. Bound Persian Gulf.
20.02.1981 11z noon 56.27N 05.45E 11.58 knots OC NE4 1030mb mod sea snow.
21.02.1981 12z noon 52.18N 02.28E 11.52 knots NE3 +1C 1022mb 60m E of Lowestoft.
22.02.1981 0700 off the Isle of Wight. 1430 S of Start Point Sunny 10C. 2035 35 miles S of Falmouth.
23.02.1981 noon 1200z 90m SW Ushant. 47.18N 06.04W Var 10.5k 1010mb 8C W5. 1021 miles done.
24.02.1981 noon 43.14N 09/53W 11.46k Var F4 10C 1021MB 1296 done 10628 to go.1230z HF Fadeout.
25.02.1981 noon near Lisbon 38.52N 11.46W 11.5k SE2 13C 1021mb 5127m to Cape. 10352 to go.1572 done.
26.02.1981 noon 12z rain 420m W Gibraltar 240m NE Madeira. 34.38S 13.30W 11.1k SSW4 1015 15C 1839m.
27.02.1981 noon 12z 30.27N 15.05W 11k SW4 17C 1012mb pt cldy and sunny AM PM sunny. 2103m done.
28.02.1981 noon of Sp Sahara. Very sunny hot 26.00N 16.35W 11.625k SW3 19C 1014mb 2382m done.
01.03.1981 near Nouadhibou 21.09N 17.58W var2 19C 1015mb 9227 to go.
02.03.1981 noon 1300z off Dakar. Sunny 16.26N 17.59W 11.79k 1014mb 19C NE4 2966 m done 8944 to go.
03.03.1981 noon 1300z sunny off Gambia. 11.46N 18.04W 11.67k N4 20C 1013mb 3246 done.
04.03.1981 noon 1300z off Sierra Leone. Vy sunny calm. 23C NW3 11.29k 31C at 15z. 07.52N 15.56W 3517m.
05.03.1981 noon 1300z off Liberia rain humid var2 27C 04.21N 13.03W 11.375k 8114 to go. 3790 done.
06.03.1981 noon 1300z sunny 00.50N 10.13W 11.33k 27C 1010 mb 4062 done 7634 to go.
07.03.1981 noon 1300z sunny warm flat calm. 02.30S 07.44W 10.62k 27C 1011mb S/E3 4312 miles done.
08.03.1981 noon 1200z very sunny 04.58S 05.59W 7.91k SSE3 27C 1012mb 4494 done.
09.03.1981 noon 1200z sunny warm 660  Ascension. 07.59S 03.32W 9.71k SE3 25C 1012mb 4727m done.
10.03.1981 noon 1200z sunny part overcast 420m St Helena. 11.49S 00.34W 12.04k 5017m done 1012mb 24C.
11.03.1981 noon 1200z overcast 480m E St Helena. 16.16S 03E SSE3 14.08k. 1013mb 5354 done 6528 to go.
12.03.1981 1200z noon sunny windy 20.54S 06.47E 14.67k S24 22C 1013mb 5706 done 6176 to go.
13.03.1981 1100z noon windy mostly cloudy 24.44S 10.02E 12.7 knots SE5 22C 1015mb 5998 done.
14.03.1981 noon sunny windy 28.01S 12.54E 10.37 k 6247 done SE5 21C 1015 mbs.
15.03.1981 noon sunny calm SSE4 20C 1016mbs 30.41S 15.21W 8.58k 6453 done 5454 to go.
16.01.1981 1115z off Capetown SE6 17C 1020 mbs 6680 miles done.
17.01.1981 noon 1000z 34.50S 21.46E 9.96k SE2 19C 1018mbs 6917 done 4503 to go. Sunny Flat calm.
18.03.1981 off Port Elizabeth. Noon 34.15S 26.48E  10.46k Va1 20C 1014mbs Glourious Wx 4252 to do.
19.03.1981 0500 160m due east of E London. Noon 33.03S 31.11E 9.75k SE2 23C 1014mb 7404m done Wx fb.
20.03.1981 0400 180m e of Durban. Noon 10z 2954S 35.05E 11.113k NNE3 25C 1018mbs 3734m to go.
21.03.1981 noon hot sunny calm 200E Maputo. Z+3 26.07S 37.51E 11.74k NE3 25-33C 1016 mbs 7948m done.
22.03.1981 0745z 10m Ile Europa. Nn 22.15S 40.27E 11.58k var3 1016mb 8226m done 3186 to go.Sunny hot.
23.03.1981 noon 0900z 17.48S 52.35E 12.01k var2 sun rain 28C 1009mb 8515 miles done 3386 to go.
23.03.1981 1130 gmt off Ile Juan de Nova. 24.03.1981 noon 0900z near Comoro Islands.
24.03.1981 noon Part cloudy hot calm. 13.22S 44.20E 11.875k 8800 done 3102 miles to go.Var2 28C.
25.03.1981 noon 09z nr Aldabra Island. 09.49S 45.35E SSEvar, 9.02k NE3 rain. 27C 1008mb 2389 to go.
26.03.1981 noon 0900z 05.28S 47.46E 12.17k NE2 29C 1009 mbs sunny hot 1810m to go. 918 done.
27.03.1981 noon 1000z 01.20S 49.30E 11.7k 29C 1008 mbs 9587 done 2318 to go. Calm hot.
27.03.1981 1537 on the Equator.
28.03.1981 noon 0800z n 03N 51.15E 11.67 knots 30C Light wind 9867 done 1540 to go, Partly cloudy.
29.03.1981 noon 0800z 07.06N 53.05E 11.25k. Var1 29C 1009 mbs. 1279m to go 19137 done. Hot sunny.
30.03.1981 noon 0800z 10.54N 54.52E 10.46k NE3 28C 1011 mbs. Sunny warm. Lots of Porpoises.
31.03.1981 noon 14.56N 56.46E 11.125k NE1 27C 1031 mbs. 10655 done 762 to go. Sunny calm.
01.04.1981 noon 19.07N 58.51E 11.58k SW2 28C 1008 mbs 10933 done 484 to go. Hot Sunny.
02.04.1981 took down aerials 0818 gmt. 03.04.1981 left ship at Khor Fakkan.

Lloyds Reports for Burmah Enterprise GXUM.

Launched at Kaohsiung 31.01.1978.
Sailed Kharg Island 12.08.1978 for Rotterdam. Sailed Table Bay 28.08.1978.
Sailed Eurpoort 24.09.1978. Sailed Sea Island Kuwait 02.11.1978 for Rotterdam Sailed Table Bay 18.11.1978.
Sailed Europoort 21.12.1978 for Persian Gulf Ras Al Khaimah passed Dubai 29.01.1979.
Arrived Ras Tanura 17.03.1979. Sailed Ras Tanura 19.03.1979 Sailed Table Bay 06.04.1979.
Sailed Kharg Island 16.06.1979 for Freeport Bahamas passed Dubai 17.06.1979.
Sailed South Riding Point 31.07.1979 for Dubai.
Sailed Ras Tanura 10.09.1979 for Curacao Pd Dubai 13.09.1979.
Sailed Bullen Bay 17.10.1979 for Port  Arthur. Arr 23.10.1979.
Sailed Juyamah Terminal 10.01.1980 for Port Arthur.
Sailed Port Arthur 16.04.1980 for Ras Tanura Pd Dubai 07.06.1980. Ar 09.06.1979 Ras Tanura.
Sailed Ras Tanura 12.06.1980 for Port Arthur Arr 03.08.1980.
Sailed Port Arthur 10.10.1980. Sailed Port Arthur 20.11.1980 for Ras Tanura.
Sailed Brofjorden 15.02.1981 for Ras Tanura. Sailed Juaymah Terminal 09.04.1981 for Port Arthur.
Sailed Port Arthur 12.06.1981 for Ras Tanura. Sailed Juaymah Terminal 07.08.1981 for Port Arthur.
Sailed Port Arthur  07.10.1981 for Khor Fakka Pd Cayman Brac 11.10.1981.
Arrived Ras Tanura 29.11.1981. Sailed Juaymah Trminal 17.12.1981 for US Gulf.
Departed LOOP terminal 09.02.1982 for Port Arthur arrived 10.02.1982.
Sailed Point a Pierre 06.02.1982 anchored near Khor Fakkan 08.05.1982.
Sailed Juaymah 26.06.1982 for Havre and Eurpopoort.
18.08.1982 transferred some cargo to Esso Cardiff at 50 27 N 03 20W.
Sailed Europoort 24.08.1982 arrived Tor Bay about 26.08.1982 awaiting orders.
Sailed Lyme Bay 03.11.1982 for Lisbon arrived 10.11.1982 for repairs.
Sailed Lisbon 27.02.1983.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 15.04.1983 for Semangka Bay arrived 01.05.1983.
At Semangka Bay in use as a storage vessel. Same reported 07.12.1984. 05.09.1986.
At Hormuz Terminal 19.08.1986 being used as a storage terminal –sold June 1988
July 27 Lloyds reports to be renamed Stena King.  

Lloyds Reports for Stena King VSBW6

Note:- LOOP is Louisiana Offshore Oil Port.

Arr Sirri Island prev 31.10.1989 storage vessel. Arr Kharg Island 01.04.1989 storage vessel.
Sailed Ain Sukhna 23.04.1989 for Fujairah. Sailed Juatymah Terminal 11.05.1989.
Sailed LOOP terminal 04.09.1989 for Dubai passed Suez 30.09.1989. Arr Dubai 09.10.1989.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 02.11.1989.

Lloyds Reports for Stena King VSBW6 (continued)
Sailed Freeport Bahamas 21.12.1989 for Ras Tanura arrived 26.01.1990.
Sailed LOOP terminal 13.03.1990. Sailed Ras Tanura 18.04.1990 for Freeport.
Sailed LOOP terminal 28.05.1990. Sailed Ras Tanura 07.07.1990 for LOOP terminal.
For Galveston sailed South Riding Point 17.08.1990.
Sailed LOOP Terminal 03.09.1990 for Port Said & Ras Tanura.Pd Suez 21.09.1990. Sold.
Sailed Juaymah Termnal 01.10.1990 for LOOP terminal – Sold.
Sailed Loop Terminal 13.11.1990 for Ras Tanura. - No mention of sale.
Sailed Ras Tanura 22.12.1990 for LOOP terminal.
Sailed Southwest Pass lightering area 06.02.1991 for Yanbu. Pd Cayman Brac. 07.02.1991.
Sailed Ras Tanura 05.04,1991 for LOOP Terminal. Passed Cayman Brac 06.05.1991.
Sailed Ras Tanura 26.06.1991 for LOOP Terminal Sailed Barbados 26.07.1991.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 08.09.1991 for Ain Suhkna arrived 18.09.1991.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 13.10.1991 for Galveston.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 01.01.1992 for LOOP Terminal.
Sailed Barbados 29.02.1992 for Juaymah Terminal arrived 28.03.1992.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 25.06.1992. Sd San Nicolas Bay 27.07.1992 for Yanbu.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 28.09.1992 for Galveston.
Sailed Jebel Ali for Juaymah Terminal arr25.12.1992 sailed about 26.12.1992.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 10.03.1993 for Galveston
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 30.05.1993 for Galveston pass Barbados 29.06.1993.
Sailed LOOP Termnal 18.07.1993 for  Ras Tanura Pass Suez 06.08.1993.
Sailed Juaymah 05.09.1993 for Galveston.
Sailed LOOP Terminal 21.10.1993 arrived Juaymah Terminal 21.11.1993.
Sailed LOOP Terminal 06.01.1994 for Ras Tanura.
Sailed Ras Tanura 08.02.1995 Sailed Juaymah Terminal 11.02.1994.
Sailed Ras Tanura 08.02.1994 Sd Juaymah Terminal 11.02.1994 for Galveston date unknown.
18.04.1994 passed Suez bound Ras Tanura.
Sailed Ras Tanura 27.04.1994 Sailed Juaymah Terminal 30.04.1994.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 11.07.1994 for US Gulf.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 23.09.1994 for US Gulf.
Ras Tanura 11.12.1994 for Galveston lightening area Pd Cayman Brac 18.01.1995.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 25.02.1995 arrived Cul de Sec 19.04.1995.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 29.05.1995 for Ain Sukhna.
Arrived Juaymah Terminal 22.07.1995
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 25.07.1995 arr Pascagoula lightening area 01.09.1995.
Sailed Fujairah Anchorage 27.07.1995.
Sailed Barbados 25.09.1995 Persian Gulf arr Fujairah Anchorage  28.10.1995.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 22.11.1995 Galveston lightening area pd Cayman Brac 27.12.1995.
Sailed Galveston lightening area for Cul de Sec arrived 16.01.1996.
Sailed Cul de Sec for Dubai Sailed Fujairah Anchorage 21.02.1996.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 25.03.1996. Sailed Juaymah Terminal 22.06.1996.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 23.09.1996. Sailed Juaymah Terminal 08.01.1997
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 28.03.1997 for LOOP Terminal passed S Little Cayman 01.05.1997.
Sailed LOOP Terminal 08.05.1997.
Sailed Ras Tanura 19.06.1997 arrived Juaymah Terminal 19.06.1997.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 15.09.1997 for LOOP Terminal arrived 21.10.1997.
Sailed LOOP Terminal 23.10.1997 arrived Fujairah Anchorage 09.12.1997.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 23.12.1997 for US Gulf.
Sailed Fujairah Anchorage 06.04.1998 for Ain Sukhna.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 29.04.1998.
Sailed Aruba date unreported. Sailed Juaymah Terminal 25.07.1998.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 31.08.1998 for LOOP Terminal  Sailed Fujairah Anchorage 03.09.1998.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 21.10.1998 for Galveston lightening area arrived about 27.11.1998.
Sailed Fujairah Anchorage 27.01.1999 arrived Juaymah Terminal 29.01.1999.
Sailed Cul de Sec 06.03.1999.
Sailed LOOP Terminal 18.03.1999.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 27.04.1999 for LOOP Terminal.
Sailed LOOP Terminal 05.06.1999 for Fujairah arrived 22.07.1999.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 13.08.1999 Sailed Cul de Sec 29.09.1999 for Ras Tanura.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 08.11.1999 for LOOP Terminal sailed Fujairah Anchorage 10.11.1999.
Sailed Barbados 31.12.1999 for South Africa. Sailed Juaymah Terminal 25.02.2000 for St. Eustatius.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 25.05.2000. Sailed Fujairah Anchorage 20.08.2000 for Ras Tanura.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 24.08.2000 for San Nicolas Bay. Sailed LOOP Terminal 08.10.2000.
Sailed Aruba for Dubai no dates given Sailed Fujairah Anchorage 17.11.2000.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 15.11.2000 for LOOP Terminal.
Sailed LOOP Terminal for Ras Tanura passed S Suez 20.02.2001.
Sailed LOOP Terminal 21.04.2001. Sailed Kharg Island 06.07.2001.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 30.09.2001.  Sailed Rotterdam for Fujairah passed S Suez 14.09.2001.
Arrived US Gulf about 10.11.2001. Arrived Ain Sukhna Terminal about 17.02.2002.
Sailed Dubai for Bahran no dates given Collission with British Vigilence 25.03.2002 15 mles off Fujairah. Bow damage. Pulled apart by tugs. Cargo transferred 01.05.2002. 09.04.2002 tank cleaning. To Bahrain for repairs. In Bahrain 29.04.2002.

Lloyds Reports for FOLK II HZQV
July 2002 became Folk II. For Royal Blue Shipping Ltd. Arrived Juaymah Terminal 01.10.2002.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 31.12.2002 for LOOP Terminal arrived 0902.2003.
Sailed Juaymah Terminal 05.04.2003. Sold for scrap May 2003.
Sailed Barbados 01.06.2003 to Fujairah. Now owned by Chinese Breakers.
By 01.09.2003 no longer in Lloyds. Broken up in China 06.2003.