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Esso Portland (2)
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 "Esso Portland (2)" in Hamburg, Germany.
( Photo thanks to Andreas Hoppe )
"Esso Portland (2)".
"Esso Portland (2)".
"Esso Portland (2)".
"Esso Portland (2)" in Panama Transport Company colours.

History :
Built by Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Chester, Pennsylvania.
Yardnumber 406. UMSC No., 1725. Official nr. 247296.
Keel laid 18-11-1943. Launched 24-02-1944. Completed 14-03-1944. Gr. 10296 t., Net. 6236 t., Dw. 16613 t. L.o.a. 159,57 m., Br. 20,78 m., Dr. 9,31 m. Engine: 2 steam turbines, manufactured by General Electric Company, Lynn, Massachussetts. 7240 B.h.p., 5401 kW. Speed 15 knots. 26 Tanks.
ESSO PORTLAND-1944 for Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
ESSO PORTLAND-1950 for Esso Shipping Company, Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
ESSO PORTLAND-1957 for Panama Transportation Company, Panama.
PETROSUD-1960 for Commercial Tankers Inc., Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Additional Reports:
Reported Petrosud sold to shipbreakers in Taiwan. Arrived Kaohsiung 26 Mar. 1968 to be broken up.