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 Aerial starboard bow view of the American tanker "Yamhill". It is not possible to distinguish the
weapons in het bow and stern mountings but she has four 20 mm Oerlikon AA guns on the island
amidships, two more on the foreward end of the after island and probably two more abaft the
funnel. Note the spar decks rigged in the well decks for the carriage of deck cargo.
"World Thrift", ex. "Yamhill" in the spring 1956 in Santos/Brasil.
( Photo Copyright Fritz Wulff )
Fritz Wulff, 3rd Ass. Engineer in the Engineroom of "World Thrift", close to the main turbine.
( Photo Copyright Fritz Wulff )
"World Cheer", ex. "World Thrift", ex. "Yamhill", on the river Weser, May-1963.
( Photo by Gerhard Mueller-Debus )
"World Cheer", ex. "World Thrift", ex. "Yamhill".
( Photo collection Morten Bjørndalen )
"Greta", ex. "World Cheer", ex. "World Thrift", ex. "Yamhill".
( Photo copyright Walter E Frost )

History :
Built by The Kaiser Co., Swan Island Yard, Portland, Oregon.
Yardnumber 39. UMSC. No. 831. Off. nr. 244798.
Keel laid 25-09-1943. Launched 16-11-1943. Completed 05-12-1943. Gr. 10448 t., Net. 6285 t., Dw. 16613 t. L.o.a. 159,57 m., Br. 20,78 m., Dr. 8,99 m. Engine: 2 steam turbines, manufactured by General Electric Company, Lynn, Massachussetts. 7240 B.h.p., 5401 kW. Speed 15 knots. 26 Tanks.
YAMHILL-1943 completed for United States war Shipping Administration, Portland, Oregon, USA.
YAMHILL-1948 for American Overseas Tanker Corporation, Panama.
WORLD THRIFT-1956 for World Thrift Corporation, S. Niarchos, Monrovia, Liberia.
WORLD THRIFT-1961 for Aphrodite Shipping Company, Monrovia, Liberia.
WORLD CHEER-1962 for Aphrodite Shipping Company, Monrovia, Liberia.
GRETA-1966 for Continental Oceanic Navigation Corporation, Monrovia, Liberia.
GRETA-1968 for Outerocean Nav Corp Ltd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Additional Reports:
Reported World Thrift lengthened, widened and converted into bulk carrier in 1962 by replacement of cargo section with new mid-body built by Hellenic Shipyards, Skaramanga.
New dimensions, 4 Holds, 7 Hatches: 9,5 9,0 7,5 7,5 9,0 9,0 9,0 x 10,8 m., 175.5 oa x 23.0 m, 12846 grt / 21939 dwt.
Reported Greta sold to shipbreakers in Taiwan. Arrived Kaohsiung 3 Oct.1975 to be broken up.