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Mission San Juan
See also : Construction photos "Mission San Juan" & Launch of the "Mission San Juan"

Mission Buenaventura Class Fleet Oiler.
Mission San Juan under way probably in San Francisco Bay during builders trials, circa January 1943.
USNS Mercury (T-AGM-21) while berthing at Sidney Harbour, Australia, in 1969. Mercury was part
of the command and control network for the Apollo 9 and 10 missions while in Sydney.
USNS Mercury (T-AGM-21) moored pierside at Port Canaveral, circa 1967/68.
( Navy photo )
USS Mission San Juan, AO 126, as Kopaa.
( Copyright Ackroyd )
Not a very sharp photo of the Kopaa (ex Mission San Juan AO 126), a Hunters Point, CA, 09-1978.
( Photo by Gerhard Mueller-Debus )

History :
Built by Marinship Co., Sausalito, California.
Yardnumber 29. UMSC No. 1272. Off. nr. 244611.
Keel laid 30-07-1943. Launched 14-10-1943. Completed 31-01-1944. Gr. 10448 t., Net. 6423 t., Dw. 16613 t. L.o.a. 159,57 m., Br. 20,78 m., Dr. 8,99 m. Engine: 2 steam turbines, manufactured by General Electric Company, Lynn, Massachussetts. 10000 B.h.p., 7356 kW. Speed 15 knots. 26 Tanks.
MISSION SAN JUAN-1944 Completed for U.S. War Shipping Administration, San Francisco, USA.
MISSION SAN JUAN-1944 Delivered to the Maritime Commission, 31 January upon completion, for charter to Deconhill Shipping Co.
Transferred to the Maritime Commission, 9 April 1946, for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, Mobile, AL.
AO-126 MISSION SAN JUAN-1947 Acquired by the US Navy, 21 November. Designated Mission San Juan (AO-126), and assigned to the Naval Transportation Service (NTS)
T-AO-126 MISSION SAN JUAN-1947 Transferred to the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) and placed in service as USNS Mission San Juan (T-AO-126)
T-AO-126 MISSION SAN JUAN-1958 Placed out of service, struck from the Naval Register, and transferred to the Maritime Administration for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, Beaumont, TX. 12 February.
T-AO-126 MISSION SAN JUAN-1964 Reacquired by the Navy, 28 October 1964, for conversion at General Dynamics Shipyard, Quincy, MA., to a Missile Range Instrumentation Ship.
AGM-21 Flagstaff-1965 Renamed USNS Flagstaff (T-AGM-21), 8 April.
AGM-21 Mercury-1965 Renamed USNS Mercury (T-AGM-21), 1 September. Accepted by (MSTS) for service, 16 September.
AGM-21 Mercury-1969 Placed out of service and laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, Suisun Bay, 29 October 1969. Struck from the Naval Register.
AGM-21 Mercury-1970 Sold, 23 June , to Matson Navigation Co. for conversion to a bulk-carrier at Willamette Iron & Steel,,Portland, OR., renamed SS Kopaa
KOPAA-1970 for Matson Navigation Company, San Francisco, California, USA.
KOPAA-1981 for Californian & Hawaiian Sugar Company, San Francisco, California, USA.
KOPAA-1982 for Hawaiian Sugar Ttansportation Company Inc., San Francisco, California, USA.
Additional Reports :
Reported Flagstaff converted into Missile Tracking Vessel in 1964.
New Dimensions 181.5 / 175.3 x 22.9 m. 5 Holds. 9 Hatches. Grain 27447m3. Bale 27050 m3.
Reported Kopaa converted into bulk carrier 1971 .
New dimensions 14230 grt / 24622 dwt.
Reported Kopaa sold to shipbreakers in Taiwan. Arrived Kaohsiung 25 Jun. 1984 to be broken up. [ By Hoei Tai Iron & Steel Corp. ]

SS Mission San Juan, T-2 Tanker, hull # 29, keel laid 7/30/43, launched Oct. 14, 1943 Sponsor: Irene (Mrs. Derrill D.) Standifird, yard employee; Matron of Honor, Virba Hines. In USMC Reserve Fleet in October, 1960. One of 3 tankers built at the Marinship that was used for tracking, monitoring the Apollo Project 1970. All were renamed twice, but not clear which name goes with which.